Saturday, June 26, 2010

RIP Empress Njeri Alghanee - 06/24/50 - 06/24/10 Our Spear has found peace

RIP Empress Njeri Alghanee - 06/24/50 - 06/24/10 You were Our Leader, Revolutionary, Mother, Sister and Advocate.
May the Creators Peace Be Upon You Beloved

Njere Akosua Aminah Alghanee

We Remember Empress Njere Akosua Aminah Alghanee, Freedom Fighter, wife of Ras Mausi Alghanee (36 years), mother of six, grandmother of three and counting.

Sister Njeri was killed in an auto accident last night in Atlanta, Ga. It was her birthday and she had flown back to Atlanta to visit with her family before heading onto the Ncobra conference in New Orleans today.
We have heard that the Ncobra board has added Sister NJeri as one of those who are honored at this years conference. She Truly Deserved The Honor.


We will present more on NJeri's wonderful life later. Please Send Prayers to the Family of Ras Mausi Alganee - as the youngest son Biko was injured in the accident and is still in hospital.

Empress You Led Us Long and Well, and We Will Never Forget Your Greatness, Your Lessons or Your Fire. You Were Our Spear.

With Much Love and Respect -

From The Lutalo Family, The Lazarus Family and All of Your Family and Friends in Detroit.


msladydeborah said...

I am sorry for the loss of your friend. May her family and loved ones be blessed with comfort during their time of sorrow. And may her son be blessed with a full healing of all injuries.

RE Ausetkmt said...

Thank You Ms D. Your Words are a Comfort. happy to report that son Biko is out of hospital, and will be attending the homegoing celebration with the rest of the family. the doctors decided he didn't require anymore surgery. the beliefs of a family can be strong when united; and clarified for a purpose. It is through the power of His Imperial Majesty Jah Rastafari that We Move Forward Ever.

Give Thanks Sisteren