Friday, June 11, 2010

Free Mixtape Friday 13mins of Badumix – Remix from ASID Hi-Power

“Hip Hop is bigger than Religion, HipHop”
Erykah Badu 2010 – New Amerykah

Free Mixtape Friday 13mins of Badumix – Dubstyle Remix from ASID

We Love Badu without a doubt, and this week we wanted to give you a taste of the Ladies with topics.  so we reached out for a big time singer with hot views and a big sound – who else but the one and only Ms. Erykah Badu herself.
Badu’s Neosoul mixes are a Dublovers Dream come true – which is why we decided to share just a touch of it with you, for free.
Ms Badu has wowed us repeatedly with her outspoken views and evolving attitude. she’s never far from the center of the universe; as she is a true moon mama.  Her newest masterpiece is entitled New Amerykah, and we think you should click on over to cd baby and get a copy now.  it’s filled with flowing melodys, meaningful lyrics and a neosoul influence that Badu herself links to her love for J-Dilla; Producer Extraordinare.  Like Badu we have a great love for the work of Dilla and Jay Electronica has crafted a lush Dillaesque musicscape for the harmounous riffs of Badu.

Her rolling melodys and soft intonations, effortlessly draw you into the music.  This should push her numbers to the top finally where they belong.  The Neosoul movement owes alot to chanteuses like Erykah Badu and on this Remix we can all see why.
Why did we Chop it Up and Remix it Dubstyle ?
Badu is loved by musicians worldwide;  And as such we like Jay Electronica are drawn to her music, for exactly that.  The inspiration to swing it ourway.  We were very careful not to interfere with the beautiful melody too much, but we put in that Boom and Tingle, for the Basslovers.
Recently Badu graced Wendy Williams with Window Seat

All signs point to HIT for The Latest Baduism, and we’re hoping you’ll agree.
Neosoul and Erykah Badu; a match made in the universe – Thank Heaven,

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