Friday, June 25, 2010

Power Relationships with Dr Josef Ben Levi

We Support Our History and Our Culture Always. this is an event that is of major importance for those interested in both History and Religious History. it's going to be held in Detroit on Saturday June 26, 2010. The Speaker is a man that needs little introduction. Dr. Josef Ben Levi, is and has been known as one of the most forward thinking theologians in the African Socialogical Paradigm.  He answers questions about Post Racialism in America - and he clarifys what that term really means.  This is from the viewpoint of A Black Man.  

John Meyer is one of my favorite musicians, and I was shocked and put off by his statements. yet Dr. Ben Levi clarifies what we want to step away from, and pretend doesn't exist. it's there and we need to deal with it. that's why he calls it A Power Relationship.


If You are in Detroit or the close surround area, I urge you to be at this event. it will most certainly be well worth your time.

The Kheper-Ra Study Group Presents
Josef Ben Levi
The History of the Bible
Based on Hebrew & Arabic
Language as a Weapon of Intellectual Warfare

Dexter-Elmhurst Community Center
11825 Dexter @ Elmhurst

For more information, contact Kwadjo Lwengisi at 313-218-4491 or

Cost $15
Food on sale by
Paradise Natural Foods
(formerly Alkebulan Foods).

June 26th

Doors open at 5pm
Hear Josef Ben Levi discuss the History of the Bible & Qu'ran based on the Hebrew and Arabic languages. Levi is a scholar and educator in classical African civilizations at Northeastern Illinois University. His focus is on Kemet and it's environment.

He started studying Biblical literature and Hebrew at the age of ten (10). By the time he was 20, he was able to read and write Hebrew and Aramaic. At that time he started studying and teaching Mdw Ntr, the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) language and Kemetic (Egyptian) history.

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