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"We Nah Scared a Samaroy, Sugar Roy or Bloodclot Coderoy.." R -Lang

A while a go we came up with a question that we've never seen answered anywhere before. we wondered how many dj's in reggae had animal names ?

Yeah  you got your
  • Bling Dog
  • Super Cat 
  • Elephant Man 
  • Red Rat 
  • Black Rat
  • Black Rhino
  • Mad Cobra
  • Tiger 
  • Buju Burro, 
  • and plenty of versions of Bantons; which for those who are unaware is a kind of fighting Cock. yes we said Cock - as in Chicken. 
  • Oh Yeah We Almost forgot Chicken Chest.

Okay Now, get your minds back into reggae and not the wild kingdom okayyy,, yeah those are the names of some well known reggae artists. from what we can see there are plenty others that also ring in from the wild kingdom posse'.

and then we have some who are named after other stuff like watches, cars and things
  • Mr Lexxus, 
  • Movado, 
  • Tony Matterhorn who is named after a swiss mountain for some reason.
  • Panhead
  • Dirtsman
  • Nitty Gritty
  • My Almost Baby Daddy is named Ninja Man - why we're still not sure except for his Our love of kung fu movies. (wink*wink)

The quote of the week goes to None Other than Hell Boy -Vybez Kartel
"We nah scared of Samaroy, Sugarroy or Bloodclot Corderoy"
the rest we know you can understand. make sure the kids are out of the room as this is strictly adult patois yuh nah seet

Listen carefully from 6:00 to listen to Mr Mushugashi - thats where you get to really hear Kartel go off into his badmind.  funny thing is this basically describes a previous incident that occured at Big Yard. Hmmmmm ? wonder if this is the twins getting their voice in on the incident ?

This is crazy the man is threatening everybody and last week there was a shooting from Kartel. many say that Kartel is linked at a higher level to both the Devil and to Free Masonry. What ? the fact that Kartel has taken on the moniker of Gaza God, shows a certain level of blasphemy.

You see at 8:30 when Mavado's brother is sworn in things get purely straight faced hillarious. he denies knowing who Vybez Kartel is to start out, and it only get funnier from there. the funny thing is that this directly relates to Vybez supposed hatred of Gays. if this guy is gay then wonder why he's not scured of  Hell Boy ?
hmmmmmmmm ? there are some rumors circulating about how Kartel could have had a secret gay encounter; that began circulating during the Peter King Trial.  rumor has it that a certain dancehall dj is swinging from the chandelier in Peter Kings Bedroom in his Red Thong..

Hmmmmmm ? Daggering ? Kartell ? Hmmmmm???

"Kartel, Dutty Bloodclot Kartel, you is nothing but a one day sale. Offer ends at midnight.. Ya Bloodclot"  Steve Brooks - Mavado's Brother. about hard up in a mans face. coldblooded - this is the type of pure man and man confrontation that makes people wonder why Jamaica has such a problem with violence in the Reggae industry - well listen.

Kartel's Lawyer says that his client is being negatively labeled as :

  • Son of the Devil, 
  • Hell Boy 
  • Portmore Vampire
Unfortunantly after a rather abundant pina colada I am laughing senselessly at the names - especially Hell Boy. whenever I read the stories about Kartel and someone calls him Hell Boy I can't help but bust out laughing. I can barely type this, as I am laughing so hard, honestly.  this is pure satirical stagecraft about the whole state of the Reggae Market in Jamaica.  From men arguing about men putting tatoos of other men artists on their arms; to the violence which is commonplace in both the dancehall and outside in the community about this Gully v. Gaza thing. Pure Hyper Masculinity and Testosterone On Turbo

This is Kartel with Spice, notice he has his Vybez condoms and his Vybez Rum

Please take a moment to read the story that follows to get a better view of recent activities in Jamaica connected with this popular dancehall artist and his rivalries.  death, bloodshed and craziness.  Yes it's Hell Boy Again. His name is mentioned in an incident where some people shot up Big Yard  this past week.

Check out the lyrics of one of his most recent tunes - connected to this incident :
It's all about the Intra, di Ruga, di Bereter, di Luga
Di Brico, di Lauma, di Glack, di Wringer
Di Astra wi mek yuh body colder than Nebraska
Yuh diss di yardy mobster, then we crack yuh like a lobster
Di AK nuh play play, mek blood run like alize
Marrow fly gone pan holiday, nuh diss Kartel any day

Vybz Kartel, Guns Like Mine

Up To The Time, My People, Gully aahh Gaza ? We Nah Care - We Reppin OCHIIIIIIIIII

See - We Nah Badmind,

Rado, producer of Mavado's Gal Over Gun, shot
Saturday, May 15, 2010
EVERTON Minott, the producer of the popular Mavado song, Gal Over Gun, has become the third person in the entertainment industry to be shot in the same week.
Minott, who is better known as Rado, was reportedly shot in Spanish Town last night and has been admitted to hospital there. Rado is the CEO of the Armz House Records label, which recently released the Double Action riddim.

From left, singer Mad Cobra, who was shot in Braeton; Voicemail member O'Neil Edwards who was shot at his home in Duhaney Park; and selector Richie Feelings who is giving thanks for his life after his car was broken into outside his home.
"He was shot last night ... the doctors say it's serious, but we are hopeful," a source close to the artiste told the Observer yesterday.

Rado's shooting follows closely on that of entertainers Oneil Edwards and Mad Cobra. Oneil, a member of the trio Voicemail, was on Monday shot several times all over his body -- including a bullet to the head. His condition has remained critical but stable and reports are that he was briefly taken off the respirator on Thursday.

Mad Cobra, who was shot in the shoulder the following day during an incident in Braeton, Portmore, has since been released from hospital. 

Meanwhile, selector Richie Feelings reported that his car was broken into Wednesday night while parked at his Havendale home. His wallet was stolen, but the selector, however, is giving thanks for his life.
— Yasmine Peru

Guns out in the DANCEHALL
Sunday, May 16, 2010 - Jamaica

Dancer Ice, Bogle and Peter Tosh
SHOOTING incidents involving three dancehall figures -- Oneil Edwards, Ewart 'Mad Cobra' Brown and producer Everton 'Rado' Minott -- in the same week have led to a rude awakening amongst artistes that gun violence is a reality. Those who didn't already know can now quote statistics that say over 500 persons have been murdered since the start of the year. 

Last week, vigils were kept as entertainers united to send up prayers for the recovery of Voicemail member, Oneil Edwards, who was shot several times on Monday morning. 

"Every artiste realise that it (getting shot) could happen to them. Oneil is not a bad person, he doesn't do gun lyrics, he isn't involved and it happened to him," stated Mr Vegas, the convener of the vigils.

As Stone Love CEO Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell, stated: "Gunmen don't usually turn them gun on entertainers because artiste is them idol. But gunmen don't regard anybody. There is nothing left ... no morals... it's outrageous. Tings get wicked yah now," the producer/selector declared, even as he acknowledged that violent lyrics and embracing of the gun culture has played a defining role in the events that have unfolded.
"This glorifying of the gun help to spread the virus... and it riccochet. But we still have to keep giving our best," Powell said. 

Entertainers are now concerned about their safety in light of these attacks, but troublesome as it may be it is not something new to the industry.

The Sunday Observer has compiled a list of shooting incidents which have seen the deaths of members from the fraternity.

* Carl Johnson aka Sir JJ was shot in a record store in Kingston in 1971.
* Errol Robinson, aka General Echo, was shot and killed in Kingston on November 22, 1980 along with two members of his EchoTone HiFi Sound System Flux and Big John. General Echo is best known for his very popular single Arleen.
* Charlie Ace was gunned down in Kingston in the early 1980's
* Errol Archer, aka Errol Scorcher, best known for the hit song Roach Inna Di Corner, was murdered in Kingston in 1982.
* Errol Thompson, JBC's popular disc jock, was killed in 1983.
* Prince Far I was murdered in Jamaica on September 15,1983.
* Hugh Mundell was shot to death in Kingston while driving with Junior Reid in 1983. A teenage prodigy, he recorded Africa Must Be Free at the age of 16. The album received five stars from Rolling Stone magazine.
* Major Worries was shot and killed in Spanish Town in August 1987 by a security guard.
* Peter Tosh and Jeff Dixon (Free I) were shot and killed on September 11, 1987, inside Tosh's home in Kingston.
* Carlton Barrett (Carly), brother of Aston "Family Man" Barrett and an drummer and percussion player, met his demise when he was shot by his ex-wife's boyfriend in Jamaica 1987.
* Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby was shot and killed on February 6, 1989 by an unknown group of people outside his home in Duhaney Park, upon returning from a session at his Waterhouse studio.
* Anthony Johnson aka Panhead was shot dead as he left a dance in Spanish Town in October 1993. He recorded songs such as Respect Gunman and Gunman Tune.
* Patrick Thompson aka (Dirtsman) -- Papa San's brother was robbed and killed on December 21, 1993 in Spanish Town. He is best known for the single Hot Dis Year.
* Mikey Wallace, who was a member of Third World band, was shot and killed near his home in Kingston in 1999.
* Reggae singer, deejay and producer Pat Francis (Jah Lloyd) was shot and killed in Kingston on June 2, 1999.
* Junior Braithwaite, an original Wailer, was gunned down on Wednesday, June 12, 1999 in Kingston home by three armed men. He was 47.
* David Bingham aka Black Rat survived an attempt on his life prior to his death. On July 20, 2002, he went down in a hail of bullets (about 20) from gunmen who invaded his Dumbarton Avenue home in St Andrew.
* Shocking Vibes engineer Paul Tyrell was shot at the intersection of Springvale Avenue and Constant Spring Road in Kingston on February 24, 2004.
* Arrows Recording CEO Phillip Linton was shot dead at his recording studio on March 4, 2004. He was 51 years old.
* Gerald Levy aka Bogle was shot at a gas station in Kingston on January 20, 2005.
* Clive Jarrett, producer, murdered in his home in Vineyard Town on January 31, 2008. Co-owner of the Dynamite label, he enjoyed great success in the early 80's with LP's by Carlton Livingston (Rumours) Lone Ranger (Hi Yo Silver Away) and Welton Irie (Army Life).
* David 'Ice' Smith, was gunned down along Newark Avenue, Kingston 11 on December 26, 2008.
The killing of Jamaican entertainers are not only restricted to the island's shore.
Glen Augustus Holness aka Nitty Gritty was gunned down in 1991 at a record store in Brooklyn New York. Some of Nitty Gritty's popular songs are She's A Delilah and Hot In A Minty.
* Earlando Neil aka Early B was accidentally shot at the Windsor Cricket Club, Dorchester, Massachusetts on September 11, 1994. He is most known for the popular single Wheely Wheely.
* At the peak of his career Clive Bright aka Tenor Saw was found dead at a roadside in Texas in August 1988. Tenor Saw recorded hits such as Ring The Alarm, Pumpkin Belly and No Work On Sunday.

Jamaica Observer — By Yasmine Peru and Cecelia Campbell-Livingston

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