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Tivoli Stories Pt 4 - One Love - certainly not in Jamaica Mon

Passa Passa dance in Tivoli Gardens

It's Tivoli Stories Part Four - Can Yuh Say Passa Passa Agwan

Yes it's time for the Tivoli Story Again My Friends - this time with an extra scotch bonnet.

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Recent Relations between Kingston and Washington have deteriorated over the extradition request for Christopher Dudus Coke; with the US State Department accusing the Jamaican Government of delaying tactics.
Oh Really Now ? so now yuh seh Jamaica a Soon Come Yuh Barack ?
Eeeeeeehhhhh..a wha yuh sey
TIVOLI Gardens, the tough West Kingston base of Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, is under satellite surveillance by United States Government, who are determined to have Coke extradited to answer drug and gun-running charges in the US.

looking under the skirt of a passa passa participant
The Jamaica Observer reports that according to a security expert with knowledge of the operation, the US has powerful audio and video evidence of activities involving Coke, as well as several Government officials, including members of the legislature, inside the Tivoli Gardens community centre.
EEEEEEEEEhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a wha yuh seh ?

They are literally taking stock of every and anyone who moves within Tivoli - YES. that is the highest violation of international privacy laws and Jamaica is doing nothing about it.

Why ?

well apparently the government PM of Jamaica has been complicit in much of the evidence gathering because they He - Mr. Golding knew what was happening. But did they He bother to inform the citizens ?

NO -


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Earlier This Week the Jamaican Parliament asked the Prime Minister Bruce Golding to step down - as we predicted they would last episode. Simply because they now know that He Is Involved in the decision to electronically tether Jamaica to the US Department of Justice. Mr Golding should have thought longer and harder before he ASKED the US Dept of Justice to do their magic to remove Dudus without HIS hands being openly involved.

Dudus shouldn't be a problem to the US government because for one he has NEVER Set Foot in the USA. EVER. and Two they are charging him with crimes committed by others who are presently either locked up in the US or dead. so how do you charge one man with the crimes of an entire nation ? the same way as you charge one nation with the crimes of One Man - put them under intense scrutiny and debilitating conditions.
Jamaica shouldn't have entered into this agreement with the Obama administration to police their streets. The US can't and doesn't police it's own streets - so how can it do that in Jamaica ? it's all electronic wizardry.
Evidence of MP's coming to Tivoli and Being in close contact with Tivoli shouldn't surprise most of us since the MP's are a part of the Tivoli Structure. let us not forget that it was the MP's who built and provided for Tivoli Gardens. it was after all the first community built after the emancipation of Jamaica from the UK as a Protectorate. yet Jamaica still remains tethered to the UK Legal system as a part of it's higher justice system. No One can be convicted of any capital crimes unless it is in a Crown Court - Yes I said Crown Court In Jamaica. the law is clear - Jamaica is still under the dominion of the UK and as such should not be subject to the whims and calls of the US.

It Is Reported that the Economist magazine reported that American authorities have become frustrated at what they see as foot-dragging by Jamaica's Government over the Coke extradition request.

The article, titled 'Seeking Mr Coke: American anger at Jamaica's slowness in handing over an alleged gang boss', said "if the United States' allegations of political links are well-founded, some Jamaican public figures may fear that Mr Coke's arrest would lead to the disclosure of embarrassing information".

A list viewed by the Sunday Jamaica Observer includes some of Jamaica's well-known officials, as well as business people of both genders. They are described as having "massive personal wealth", which is said to have raised red flags at US borders.

The spotlight on these individuals has not come as a surprise to University of Miami Law Professor David Rowe, who remained consistent in his view that Coke is an albatross around the neck of the prime minister, the Jamaica Labour Party and the Government.

"There is no question that they are being targeted," Rowe said. "Where the individuals have amassed wealth in a short period of time and without any corresponding income to corroborate it is an automatic red flag to the US Justice Department."

Rowe as well as Sunday Observer sources in the US believe that embarrassing times are ahead for several Jamaican business officials at US borders, even if the Government hands over Coke.
Information is that several Jamaicans who have amassed large personal wealth but who are unable to provide credible sources of income are currently in detention centres in the US.

Massive unexplained wealth is said to have been the reason behind an upstanding Jamaican businessman being detained in the US for several hours on a return trip to the island in early January.
It is also said to be the reason for the detention without bond -- at Krome Avenue Detention Centre in Florida -- of a Jamaican man of Chinese descent.

The man and another Jamaican/Chinese are said to have arrived in the US on March 2 on an Air Jamaica flight. The man, whose Alien card number was supplied to the Sunday Observer, was said to have had his Green Card revoked. Why ?

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"The Jamaican Government, rather than summarily refusing the request, discussed with the US authorities the breaches that had occurred which made it impossible for the minister (of justice), being aware of such breaches, to issue the authority to proceed," Golding said in an address to the Parliament.

"In an effort to overcome the impediment... the Jamaican Government indicated to the US authorities that if other evidence existed, the procurement and disclosure of which were not in violation of Jamaican law, the minister would be prepared to accept that evidence and issue the necessary authority to proceed. No such evidence has up to now been presented," he added.

Ah So The War for Tivoli Begins. Jamaica against the US, But Who Will WIN ? - Clearly It's Passa Passa Time In Tivoli My Jamaicans ! No more Pnp No More JLP A Fi We One People Again. We Are Jamaicans ! 05/16/2010 - Mama ASID
This time however we think that the US May not be in a position to defend itself against these charges, as massive amounts of evidence exist. You cannot Wire Tap a Whole Country and Think NO ONE Will Mind.. NO That is Not how you handle an international extradition.

Jamaica has asked it's Prime Minister to Step Down - as we predicted almost 6 months ago when we started this series. we had no direct inside info on what would happen, but we knew that this would happen. simply based upon previous scenarios that the US has been involved in of this type. Remember Noriega ? Well he's now in France in Jail directly from the US Prison where he sat since the mid 1980's. He was forcibly extradited by The US Twice - YES,

So Jamaica What's It Gonna Be - Are You JAMAICA JAMAICA or are yuh Tired of the Gun-play A Yard ? The Entire world is watching to see what the Prime Minister Does. We know that the upcoming election will lead to a new more US Friendly Prime Minister probably one who already holds a US Green Card (Hint*Hint) and has a home in the US that they will be able to stay at comfortably when they cause the interior of Jamaica's political hotpot of heat up to volcano level.

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Everyone already knows the score, but apparently Jamaica is holding one trump card and we'll be revealing it in our next episode of Tivoli Stories. Make sure you subscribe to our feed so you'll get the episodes as we blast them out as soon as they're Hot and Crispy.

No Justice - No Peace A Yard,

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