Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Foolishness Lil Kim make up lesson - and body scan beatdown

Please Don't Scream Yet - you have to watch the video to figure out how to achieve This Look. Yes we have the make up video everyone is talking about (side-eye) featuring a Lil Kim Make Up Lesson. so ladies and gents if you are so inclined; go get your makeup bags and lets color it Kim.

Seriously Please Do NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, or anywhere else.

Seriously, Please she can not be serious when she says "Slightly Dramatic Really Pretty Natural Looking Make Up" is there no mirror that really works around her ?  the way she's painting on that white pencil looks more ICP than anything. yeahhhh you knew there was an ICP Connection. the only thing she's missing is the ICP Logo. her make up is scary, literally it's made me have to turn away several times before I could finish watching the video to describe my feelings to you.  rarely do I wear make up, but I can Assure you that NEVER in the History Of ME on This Planet have I ever tried this Slightly Dramatic Really Pretty Natural Looking Make Up Style.


When she starts painting on the eyeshadows and she says "I'm just going to take the Gold really lightly" and she keeps dipping into the jar for more painting and painting. WOW - doesn't she realize that that stuff cakes into your eye crease after a while, from the heat and moisture mix on your eyelids ?  then when she says she's using the Black Side just to kind of "Smoke It Out";  I thought AH-HA, just as I thought, this is a disguise.

But when she adds the Goldish Highlights, I Get Really Scared. her eyes are disappearing beneath that clown make up. what else could she do to her eyes to make them even more, Hmmmm Interesting (side-eye), It gets really interesting when Ooooohhhhh Yeahhhhh She looks at her self and exclaims "I'm Turning Into Little Kim, I'm So Excited" OH NO.. She Says "It Looks So Hot, and really sexy natural celebrity kind of look, you know. I don't even have that I just had plastic surgery look at all..WTF ?

Then she "Does Her Brows"  OOOOOOOOOHHH Please Somebody Rush In there with some baby oil and water quick. she's turning into a Juggalette right before our eyes.  yet she still doesn't even realize it. her brows are the key to the whole look. she looks so dramatic when she's putting that white pencil underneath her eyes that I start to wonder why she's not drawing tear drops ?   OMG She Says it again "I'm really really pretty right now.. Totally Like Red Carpet"  Where are the Mirrors ?? because she must be blind.  it's confirmed that she is later in the vid.

The Eyelashes really do something deep to me. whew, they look like catepillars and the left eyelash is not in the corner of the eyelid like the right one. it's kinda off on it's own. Scary Stuff Ladies, Realllllllly Scary.  enough with this chica. one thing is for sure, she needs mirrors and glasses BAD.

This post is to show You How NOT to Put On Your Makeup for Mothers Day Ladies..Don't Go Red Carpet Please.. most of us won't understand. I can assure you of that.

Then we have this beatdown which happened because of a Lil Peanut. the man who did the beating used a weapon which is why he was charged. the way we see it, if he had just whipped out that lil peanut and made his co-worker apologize to it.. Oh Well - TSA is a stressful job these days we hear.

Jokes About Miami Airport Worker's Body Scan Lead To Beating, Arrest

Miami, FL, United States (AHN) - A Transportation Security Agency employee at Miami International Airport has been arrested for attacking a co-worker who teased him about the size of his genitals after he walked through a body scanner.

Rolando Negrin, 44, was charged with aggravated battery after he used a police baton to beat Hugh Osorno on Tuesday. According to a police complaint, Negrin was upset following a training with whole body scanners with other co-workers.

"The x-ray revealed [he] has a small penis and co-workers made fun of him on a daily basis," the complaint read.

The beating happened in the employee parking lot. Negrin allegedly struck his co-worker repeatedly and then forced him to kneel down and apologize. Osorno suffered cuts and bruises on his arms and back. He was treated by the airport fire rescue.

CBS4 reported that a TSA spokesman issued a statement Thursday that Negrin will be suspended and an investigation on the incident launched.

TSA is currently adding body scanners in airports nationwide despite renewed debate on whether the machines enhance the safety of air travelers without posing health hazards and without violating passenger rights. The move comes after a Nigerian man attempted to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane bound for Detroit on Christmas Day last year, using explosives hidden in his underwear.

Kate Hanni, president of the 27,000-member group called, has cited the "overwhelming loss of privacy" that goes with using the machines.

In an op-ed early this year on the Hill, she also cited Dr. Kenneth Furton, professor at Florida International University's International Forensic Research Institute, as saying, "It is not certain that even with a high resolution image of a traveler's groin region that a half cup of explosive powder would be detectable."

The Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety has also recommended that pregnant women and children not be scanned, and that officials explain health risks of "cancer-causing" radiation from machines.

TSA says in its website that "radiation doses are well below those specified by the American National Standards Institute."

The agency adds that it protects passenger privacy "through the anonymity of the image. The image cannot be stored, transmitted or printed, and is deleted immediately once viewed. Additionally, advanced imaging technology screening is optional to all passengers."

However, the American Civil Liberties Union has cited Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan's experience at a British airport. Despite rules that required images to be immediately discarded, the star's body scan was printed out apparently by airline personnel, who asked the actor to autograph the images while at the airport.

Scanners at London's Heathrow Airport were used on a trial basis for four years and then discontinued in 2008.

A British group, Privacy International, that previously raised concerns that machines violate child protection laws and reveal medical details such as colostomy bags, said in a Tweet on Thursday about Negrin's arrest, "If body scans have evolved past privacy concerns, why are there stories like this?"

The beating in Miami over graphic revelations from scanner comes only weeks after a similar incident at Heathrow.

John Laker was issued a formal harassment warning by British police after he made a lewd remark and took a photo of the body of a female co-worker, Jo Margetson, who accidentally walked into a scanner.

Part of the Homeland Security Department, the TSA has been fraught with issues in the past months amid increasing concerns about air safety.

The Obama administration's second nominee to head the agency, Retired Army Maj. Gen. Robert Harding, removed himself from consideration in March following controversy over his work as a defense contractor.

The government's first nominee, Errol Southers, withdrew in January as lawmakers were reviewing his inconsistent statements on illegal database searches he conducted when he was with the FBI two decades ago.

In December, TSA launched a probe on how an airport security manual was posted on a government website with blacked-out portions that bloggers could read with a click of a mouse. The document was an outdated version, but it provided details on what items security personnel can choose not to screen and technical information about screening machines.

Is This Enough Friday Foolishness for ya,

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msladydeborah said...

That make-up session was a hawt mess! I don't think that Lil Kim looks that good these days. She's done too much to distort her physical features.

The young woman in the video needs to realize that imitation is the highest form of flattery-but in this case-NOT!

As far as the x-ray is concerned-they say that the camera doesn't lie. But his co-workers shouldn't of exposed him like this. He should of kept cool and filed a lawsuit. He could of been paid for their tacky behavior.

FishHawk said...

"Seriously Please Do NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, or anywhere else."
Seriously, that quote has to be included in the next edition of all-time great quotes!

As in regards to the airport body-scanner incident, finding out that those machines can detect such things has convinced me to never go near one. No, I would rather not go into anymore details than that. Okay, put it this way, I suffer from more than just being small-minded.

askcherlock said...

Does the gal in the make-up video have blurred vision? Maybe she learned these techniques at a face-painting fair. It is kind of sad, really, that she does not see her own natural beauty. What she does is put on a mask. Heaven help her if she is in a hot temperature environment. Her face would melt and slide right off. And those fake eyelashes, Yikes!