Wednesday, May 19, 2010

YELP. !!!!! me please

Do You Like to Review Restaurants and Places you visit often ?

You Should

Recently I downloaded an application for my phone called Yelp. it's from they are the yellow pages kinda by people. it's such a smart site. basically it's about what people think about places they've patronized. on the map above you can see spots that I've patronized and given reviews to. this is my Motown Yelp. I have another one for Tampa, Miami, and also Atlanta.

this is my personal way of telling people how I feel about their business and letting others know what I think as well. it's interesting to read some of the reviews and see how much you think alike or differently from others. one thing I've found out is that if a restaurant has bad food - universally people say exactly that. Bad service is also noted. problems with parking and handicapped accessability are clearly outlined in most full reviews. I try to do a full review instead of just the short one, so that the reader gets a full understanding of what I really experienced. I am aware of lots of things that many people ignore such a parking locations and handicapped accessability because they are important to me.

If you want to get a real view of some of the places you'd like to visit before you go, pop over to and check out their list of reviews for places near and far. they're also found in other countries too so think ahead and read a review before you pick a looser and waste your time and money.

People review everthing from drugstores to grocerystores; banks; real estate brokers; restaurants; bars, hotels and even the service at these places. I did a review on my local cvs; and later I'm reviewing the trader joes I go to most. yes it's good to read these reviews so that you know, before you go.

Do you use recommendation and review sites ?  Which ones do you find most helpful and usable ? We all need to know so that we can save time and money by adding one extra easy step in our advance work to save us both time and money in our final outcome.


FishHawk said...

Your reviews are clear and concise, and should make those in the Detroit area want to visit those places. That is, except for in the case of The Turkey Grill, of which you gave fair warning. Yes, I'm sure that some will take it with a grain of salt (kinda ironic, considering what you said about their food), but after posting glowing review after glowing review of other places, a negative one should really stand out.

RE Ausetkmt said...

that Turkey Grill is owned by a guy I know and I've told him over and over the same thing I wrote. He knows yet he does nothing about that chica. sad. I hope that some of my reviews help people to see some places they may have missed. have you set up one yet ? I'm sure you could review some interesting places you've passed through. I know you've seen america and lots of the rest of north america.