Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fat is Not Good In The Heart of Anything - Especially The Heart of a Community

Ever watched a scenario develop and thought to your self




Tony - Bishplease. You Are A Dead Duck

President Obama has been plenty patient with Tony and his gasface routine. it's hightime that highstreet has a word with the top exec of the usa. since Mr Cameron is new to the executive position, it's hopeful that President Obama won't back hand him like Monty Python with a Gulf Oil Soaked Bag of Oysters before they have a spot of  tea and a chat about this little problem we're sharing right now, in the gulf of mexico.

Tony Hayward should be banned and extradited to america to stand trial for genocide of a waterway. who does he think he is ? some fat hens ass ? Bish Please - if I could get my face near his, I'd serve him up some of the finest hot bisquits and gravy ever made from fresh churned buttermilk. I'd stuff those little hollow jowls so full of buttery goodness that He'd choke on my southern hospitality. let alone hopefully have an immediate coronary warning from the buttery flakyness of my message. 
Fat is Not Good In The Heart of Anything - Especially The Heart of a Community
It's a shame that Tony never considered how much Grannys and Kids love those beaches on the outer banks of Louisiana. it was someplace that families congregated this time of year to share in the natural beauty of the coastline; and the flora and fauna. now all we have is a heavy heart and a big unclear picture of what to do.

the only thing that I can think of right now is to shove him and Dick Cheney into the hole; then put a big tophat dome ontop - then shove some C4 and crushed bits of the oily coastline and concrete that is still sitting waiting to be removed from Hurricane Katrina in that hole. then hit the button and pray like good cajuns do.

If  Only an Old Ladies Dreams could come true today, Tony Haywood would be an oily  slow cooking oyster laying on the floor of the gulf underneath the remains of His smoldering Horizon Nighmare. ooooh I forgot,  I 'd  also let the boys tie dick cheney to their fishin chain as bait to be sure that the scavengers ate what was left after I let my cajun fisherfriends boil him ina Shrimp and Oyster pot for fatback seasonin.

Now that's how you handle your recycling citizens - Always Keep it Green

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Politicus said...

Tony Haywood is just one of the problems here. Being patient with a company, which has had record profits lately, while at the same time trying to cut corners, to save a few thousand dollars - all to OUR detriment is ludicrous.