Sunday, May 30, 2010

Be A Decider and Talk About the Gulf Oil Crisis With US

Hellllllloooo !

Did you see them (BP) admit earlier today that their mud didn't work.. damn.
So that means we're back to false hopes for a fix for the Gulf Oil Catastrophe.

Since They're Having a Blabathon - We Should be Having A Blogathon

As Bloggers there's alot we can do and hopefully will do. Won't You Please join us by adding your blog  post about the Gulf Oil Catastrophe' for Sunday May 30, 2010. Feel Free To Send and Forward This To Others Who Are also Concerned About the Oil Spill. We are using Simply Linked Code - it's easy and offers little hassle for all bloggers.

the simply linked code for the sunday gulf oil post chain is below and all you have to do is enter your post info and it's included - It's just that simple.

There aren't many of us who are willing to speak up, but we are influencers and we need to as george bush used to say "BE The Deciders" we need to Decide to Speak UP NOW.

At the rate that the catastrophe is progressing, we may be the last sane voices heard from as citizen journalists. Won't You Please spread the word, we want to focus as much attention on this as possible.

Thanks so Much For Loving Your Mother, and Being a Concerned Citizen of Earth

~RE Ausetkmt / // Reality in a Foundation Sound

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