Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ms Scott - You Lead The Class

Can The Women who do Strong Things Put Their Hands Up Right Now - 

It's becoming hard to find female roll models these days in the music business; who use their talent instead of their looks to build a following. being smart is often not the top of the list for female artists; at least from the record company promo side. this time we think the First Lady had alot to do with changing that perception. she invited Jill Scott to Read at the recent White House Poetry Night. Ahhh Yessss.

We Do Love Jill Scott - and this is her best poetry performance yet. Take a look at her as she reads poetry for the FLOTUS and the POTUS; at the White House Poetry Nite 05/11/2011.

Yes Girl you are much more than an ass..

We really think it's sad that the folks in the faux media missed this. it might help them to understand What Poetry Really Is. they seemed to be fixated on the whole Common issue. That alone made us hoot and holla; knowing that as soon as enough people saw both Jill Scott and Commons' readings, all this lala would cease. 

People seem to forget that some contemporary HipHop Artists went to college and speak english fluently.

SMDH, Can Somebody run tell Sean Hannity about this please.

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RE Ausetkmt said...

I honestly cannot believe that no one commented on Jill Scott reading at the whitehouse. boy this is why I love Tumblr..