Monday, May 16, 2011

Cassidy Say It Ain't So Honeydip ?

OOOOHHHH Whyyy ? Cassidy is implicated in two murders ?

Who could have predicted that this kids life would go so terribly wrong after achieving major success right out of the gate.  you might remember him from the tune "Tipsy". its' still bangin in clubs globally.  this news about his arrest and the murder charges was announced just after midnight 05/16/2011.
(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has been named a suspect in a murder case after he was arrested on a suspected probation violation. According to reports, Cassidy was arrested this weekend in Hackensack, New Jersey, after Philadelphia police issued an arrest warrant for the rapper.
Investigators claim Cassidy may have been involved in at least one murder, and is a suspect in two other attempted murders.
Police conducted surveillance on a house in Hackensack, New Jersey and followed the rapper to a local convenience store, where he was promptly arrested.

“Without the proper teamwork going on, this could have spiraled out of control quickly," Hackensack Police Leuitenant Timothy Lloyd.

Cassidy, born Barry Reese, is currently awaiting extradition from New Jersey, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 2006, Cassidy was released from prison after serving 8 months in prison for being convicted of involuntary manslaughter, over a wild shootout in West Oak Lane.

We remember when he turned into this lil bad ass - about 2008. that's when he went in the clink.

So he became a Ruffrider - and this is what that got him

We absolutely hate to hear news like this especially for young up and coming performers like Cassidy. His talent is so immense yet this appears to be the darkside. We promise to post an update as soon as more info emerges in this still developing story.

we're kinda curious as to what will happen to his relationship with Swizzbeats ? he tries to keep it clean, on the violence tip. unfortunantly Cassidy didn't get that memo so maybe that's why he's not on the charts right now. swizz got nuff hits, and none of em are with Cassidy.

Look like you the one who needs that Vest Now Yungin,

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