Friday, May 27, 2011

Be The TWEET the Whitehouse Hears For Americas' Children Today

Today we are asking you to take a moment and use twitter as a social activist. Children everywhere in America are in danger of childhood diseases that had been in check until recently. We are asking you to partner with us and the One campaign and Tweet for the Kids Today.

When We received this letter this morning from ONE we hoped that it would get your attention too.Children should not be the victims of partisan politics. Tell Washington that You Think Kids Deserve Shots; instead them of spending more money on the Overfunded Military and Bullets. 

Please if you Twitter Today - Be Sure to TWEET the Whitehouse for Children Today. They Really Need Your 140 Characters.

Dear ONE Member,

We all know the White House is wired. They write lots of blog posts. They do cool videos with whiteboards. And they definitely love to tweet (and retweet).

So imagine if today, ONE’s (nearly) half a million Twitter followers all tweeted @whitehouse with a message about childhood vaccines and their awesome lifesaving potential? That's 140 characters that would be impossible to ignore.

I'm about to tweet my message at President Obama: @WhiteHouse, got plans on June 13? Why not pledge to save 4m kids w/vaccines? Plz respond!

Will you tweet at him right now, too?

It’s been a super busy few weeks. Hundreds of thousands of you have signed the vaccines petition. Thousands of you have called the White House in support of vaccines for kids in the world’s poorest countries.

Now it’s time to pull out all the stops.

When you click the link below, you'll be able to send President Obama a tweet with just the tap of a button. And if that weren't easy enough, your tweet will then instantly pop up on our cool interactive map, where you'll be able to see your friends’ tweets from around the country.

Tweet at the White House with your vaccines message today:

Can’t wait to see how many tweets we send!

Malaka Gharib
New Media Coordinator, ONE
Today Tweet One Time For Americas' Kids

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