Saturday, May 28, 2011

America Lost a Poet and a Piece of it's Soul - R.I.P. Gil Scott Heron

This is the reality that Gil always Spoke of ,

we wonder if when he was making this song; he was leaving us a message,

Everytime he left New York he always returned. he had so many issues with New York but it was like a drug to him. he craved it, and he always wanted to be there. he could be anywhere he wanted but he always wanted to be in Harlem.

Most recently Gil called Harlem home since 2006. that is where he was when he went to the hospital and passed away. his family has chosen not to discuss the health issues; but we'll say that they were longstanding and as a result of his addiction.

This was Gils' Mug Shot from his 2000 arrest for possession of a controlled substance. you can read about the trial and set up here.
Gil Lived Life to the fullest, everyday. He left us songs that will explain the reality of the struggle of African Americans in America. He was truly an American Folk Singer and Hero. We doubt that anyone will deny that.

Gil gave us memories that will remain as fresh today as the morning dew. he was always smiling and talking about the struggle and enjoying as much of life as you could as a revolutionary. Because of Gils' love for Heroin, he was denied membership in the Black Panther Party.

Most folks don't know this. we do because we heard the rationalizing and bargaining. the deal never got the chairman's (Huey) okay. it would have opened up a can of worms that the party couldn't deal with. but they loved Gil and always provided him lots of support, security in certain cities early on; and even helped him market his early music directly in the community.
Yes Gil was a force of Unity. he drew everyone together. preachers quoted him. politicians feared him. police harassed him. dope men loved him. and yes the people Adored Him Even Now.
Gil was in Detroit when the first Fermi Shutter occurred. He wrote it immediately. notice he says no one thought about the babies. he was speaking about his own daughter.

His Girl Honey had recently lost their baby and it caused him deep pain. I remember seeing him literally crying. it was a very sad time.

Always Remember Gil Scott Heron and His contribution to African American Consciousness Raising; as well as his music. He discussed the politics of the Cointelpro and Vietnam issues.
Gil never shy-ed away from the most controversial viewpoint and speaking his mind. he felt a responsibility to do it and to assure others that it was also their duty. a duty he kept up until he departed this plane.
This is Gils' Message to the Messengers which talks specifically about the role of those who control the consciousness of the public. it was considered controversial upon release but later it became almost a manifesto for the conscious hip-hop community.

Live Up Gil Scott, We Can Never Stop Listening to Your Wisdom Prophet,

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