Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FAT Beyonce and Her Lies meet up finally

Don't Think we've forgotten about ms beybey. she's always somewhere percolating on some bs. 
Just looking at the pic above will make some of you a lil squemish but that's how performers are. one day you're all fake skinny in blackface and the next you're puffed up like fried twinkies.


a few nights ago the much heralded performance at the Billboard Awards proved Beyonce Is Clearly A Plagurist. take a look at the video below for a side by side comparison of her presentation and the original presentation which she stole hers' from.

This is a repost from my Tumblr - and I think you should see the entire convo as it happened to really understand why we're calling her out on this bs.
Beyonce’s routine is most certainly copied.
Damn. Whoever pitched her this is out of a job. Look at it! Basically concept for concept. Especially the drums and the clones. Welp.
Ausetkmt: that’s how she works. she finds somebodys shit she likes and expropriates it. that’s why she’s ended up in court over songs from a few of her cd’s.  that proves she is just a money making machine. strictly a performer. not a true artist in the sense of originality.  she is great at copying. probably one of the best. that’s why folks don’t realize that her dance moves are mostly J-Step; which is a regional dance style that pushed her up - yet she’s never done anything to even acknowlege it’s existence.
That’s Bey For Ya. see my next pic of Fat Beyonce it’s hillarous.
So incase you were hoping that Beyonce finally had an idea,  This proves it still hasn't happened yet.

Sadly, It's such a BIG-ASS Beautiful House with no one home.

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