Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have You Seen These Headlines ?

Have you ever wondered what the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Does?

Take a look at this confusing chart and get the picture. basically they confuse the fuck out of anything nuclear. this is why government bureaucracy needs to be challenged and streamlined. too much bullshit and not enough facts supplied to be useful. this is just one of the many stories we are watching today.

Our Friends at ShortFormBlog on Tumblr bring us this updated look at what's actually happening in Japans' Nuclear Disaster - since it's disappeared from the mainstream media these days
Workers reenter Fukushima’s damaged No. 1 reactor for first time

Things were so dangerous after a blast at Fukushima Daiichi reactor No. 1 that workers didn’t enter the building at all afterwards. Until today. Nearly two months after the hydrogen explosion that greatly damaged the plant on March 11th, NHK reports that workers re-entered the building housing the reactor for the first time since the initial blast. The workers plan to install an air purifier in the plant, reportedly ”aimed at preventing workers from suffering internal radiation exposure when they work on setting up a new cooling system at the No. 1 reactor.” That must be a really good air purifier. (Above: A pic of a robot working in the plant, via TEPCO) source

The Army Corp of Engineers has started their chain reaction flood as we suggested they would earlier in the week. we honestly won't know the real end result until the waters finally recede and the farmlands are visible again. this is supposedly another of those 100 year floods that happened inside 80 years. doesn't that tell you a lil something America ?

and this lil piece that we find totally Journalism American Style -This is a supposed clipping from the last will and testament of OBL -
“I forbid you from working for al-Qaida.”

Osama bin Laden, to his kids, via his will.

And finally but certainly not least of the stories we're watching today, the family of Dave Duerson has received the news they were waiting for - confirmation that his depression and brain injury were the cause of his death. many in the NFL see this of little consiquence - yet we think it makes a world of difference.

We believe that this will encourage the NFL and AAU to take steps to strengthen it's resolve to provide better training and equipment to prevent future injuries such as the ones which cost us a great athlete like Dave Duerson. Terry Bradshaw has also come out recently in the news and admitted that part of his brain is obviously damaged from the continuous hits he took on the field during his long gridiron career.

“Dave Duerson, a former NFL player who committed suicide in February, had left a request with relatives that he wanted his brain tissues examined. That examination has been concluded and its results probably will come as no surprise,” reports Chuck Schilken:

Dr. Ann McKee, the researcher who made the diagnosis, said Duerson had “moderately advanced” brain damage related to blows to the head and that “it’s indisputable” that Duerson had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is linked to repeated brain trauma.

Photo: Dave Duerson in 2005. Credit: Charles Cherney / Chicago Tribune
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