Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey Joe Where You Going with that Lie in Your Head

Well if this doesn't just light our Menora .., (jap side-eye oy)

Joseph Lieberman is now on the BadGalsRadio ID10T List as a Captain.
We disliked his political slant previously, but now we've taken a total dislike to his misuse of power. That's a bad thing for a politician to do. if he keeps this up pretty soon we'll see him as a Geriatric Genocidal Gangster like his buddy Cheney.

There's no doubt in our minds that Joe knew

He knows that by doing what he did he created a deeper well for the truth to emerge from. and the real question is why did he do this horrendous thing ? well we need to ask Joe why He Lied -

Yes Joe Why Did You Lie

You know that the one thing you need to do is to uphold Truth and Rights. Yet we see you acting like a prime part of the ID10T team. this means you have hit the mark. You need to Leave Congress - and that's that.

So today we say Hey Joe Where You Going with that Lie in Your Head

Today Our Friends at EFF had this to say on the Joe Lieberman Censoring Request -
According to Amazon, WikiLeaks violated the site's terms of service, resulting in Amazon pulling the plug on hosting services. However, news sources have also reported that Amazon cut off WikiLeaks after being questioned by members of the staff of Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman. While it's impossible to know whether or not Amazon's decision was directly caused by the call from the senator's office, we do know that Lieberman has proposed "anti-WikiLeaks legislation" and that he has a history of pushing for online censorship in the name of "security."

Importantly, the government itself can't take official action to silence WikiLeaks' ongoing publications - that would be an unconstitutional prior restraint, or censorship of speech before it can be communicated to the public. No government actor can nix WikiLeaks' right to publish content any more than the government could stop the New York Times and Washington Post from publishing the Pentagon Papers, which were also stolen secret government documents.

But a web hosting company isn't the government. It's a private actor and it certainly can choose what to publish and what not to publish. Indeed, Amazon has its own First Amendment right to do so. That makes it all the more unfortunate that Amazon caved to unofficial government pressure to squelch core political speech. Amazon had an opportunity to stand up for its customer's right to free expression. Instead, Amazon ran away with its tail between its legs.
We think it must be to Miami Beach; because alot of people on 49th st are still unaware that world war two is over - Like You Joe. and for the record, I am a former resident of Miami Beach so I oughta know.

You Joe are Going Nowhere FAST

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