Sunday, December 12, 2010

There's So Many Reasons to Lend Your Spirit in Prayer Today

Sunday this week finds us in quite a blue mood. Early in the week we learned the Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin has Pancreatic Cancer. she's had surgery and is resting comfortably in a Detroit hospital. Aretha always the queen, thanked everyone who lent a prayer and thought for her this week.

We hope you'll keep praying with us for our star.

We Love You Re Baby..

This is from E-News
Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has cancer, her family announced Wednesday.
The music legend's relatives and sources close to her confirmed the sad news to Detroit's Fox 2 station and The Detroit News, adding they are deeply worried about the icon's health.

Franklin, 68, underwent a mysterious surgery last Thursday at a Detroit hospital for an undisclosed condition.
She released a statement after the procedure to reassure her fans, but did not specify the reason for her operation.
"The surgery was highly successful," she said. "God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country. God bless you all for your prayers!"
The day after her surgery, Franklin visited with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who said she was making an impressive recovery.
"She's doing very well," Jackson told The Detroit News. "She's very prayerful. She's a woman of deep religious faith."
Speculation about Franklin's poor health has been brewing since November, when the singer canceled all of her upcoming concerts due to "medical reasons."
The National Enquirer claimed Wednesday that Franklin was actually diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer months ago.
The Enquirer "claims doctors made the glum diagnosis after Aretha broke her ribs in a shower fall over the summer," reports Popcrunch, which obtained the report.
The tabloid suggests Franklin has less than a year to live.
Then later in the week we lost James Moody - wowwww.. that was a hard one.
We met Mr Moody, or Moody as he prefered to be refered to; many many years ago backstage at a jazz concert; He was friendly, warm and such a sweet man that he instantly became like family to us. we went to see him if he was in the area. His music is a dominate presence in our Jazz archives. He will be sorely missed
This is Moody doing his most famous tune with Dizzy Gilespie

this is from the L A Times - 12/10/10
James Moody, a jazz saxophonist and flutist whose improvised solo on a recording of the song "I'm in the Mood for Love" became a jazz classic, died Thursday in San Diego, where he had lived in recent years. He was 85 and had pancreatic cancer.
His death was confirmed by a spokeswoman for the San Diego Hospice.
This is King Pleasure doing I'm In The Mood For Love

The recording, made in Stockholm in 1949, became a rare jazz hit as an instrumental. When singer King Pleasure recorded Eddie Jefferson's lyrics for Moody's improvisation in 1954, it became a cross-genre hit, subsequently recorded by singers ranging from Van Morrison, George Benson and Aretha Franklin to Tito Puente and Amy Winehouse. Moody, himself, frequently sang the version with lyrics in his live performances.
Also this weekend we learned that the confirmation is in - The United Nations Caused Haiti's Most Recent Cholera Epidemic -
In addition to this horrible epidemic the poor people of Haiti had to endure a visit from Sayrah Payem this weekend - for purely publicity reasons. stupid political dicks should bypass all critical disaster scenes because it would seem like common sense, to not put people who have nothing to do with your ass; in the same political photo ops. Shame on You Sayrah.

Haiti cholera: UN peacekeepers to blame, report says

Protesters march towards the UN base in Mirebalais, Haiti, where Nepalese peacekeepers live (29 October 2010)

Many Haitians have long blamed peacekeepers for bringing cholera to the country
UN peacekeepers were the most likely source of the cholera epidemic sweeping Haiti, according to a leaked report by a French disease expert.
Epidemiologist Renaud Piarroux conducted research in Haiti on behalf of the French and Haitian governments.
Sources who saw the report said it had evidence the outbreak was caused by river contamination by Nepalese troops.
The UN said it had neither accepted nor dismissed the findings. The Nepalese army condemned the study as unfounded.
The cholera epidemic has killed 2120 people, and nearly 100,000 cases have been treated, according to the Haitian government.
The report by Mr Piarroux found that the source of the outbreak was a Nepalese peacekeeping base, whose toilets contaminated the Artibonite river, according to a copy seen by the Associated Press news agency.
The river was the main focus of the outbreak when it began in October, but cholera has since spread throughout the country.
The UN mission in Haiti, Minustah, said there was "no conclusive evidence" that UN peacekeepers were the source of the epidemic.
Minustah said the report by the French expert was "one report among many," but it was taking it "very seriously".
A spokesman for the Nepalese army told the French news agency AFP the report's conclusion was "hypothetical".
"We strongly condemn the making of such allegations with no firm evidence or facts," said Raminda Chhetri, speaking in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu.
Many Haitians have blamed the Nepalese peacekeepers for bringing cholera to the country, and there have been violent demonstrations against them.

There's So Many Reasons to Lend Your Spirit in Prayer Today, Won't You Join Us Please,

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May our Heavenly Father's will be done, and I hope this means an end to her suffering--in one way or another.