Monday, November 15, 2010

Yes We Are All Different Women, Yet the Same - All The Same

No doubt you've seen the commercials and trailers for the new movie For Colored Girls.

This is a parody for the done by the muppets. it says it was done by Willie Tyler and Lester and if that's true; it makes it a big piece of show business history. for those who don't know Willie Tyler and Lester - we'll present them in a feature soon.

check out the For (Stuffed) Colored Girls - This video is For Colored Girls and For Stuffed Colored Girls too.

The Writer is a woman known as Ntozake Shange'. She won an Obie for this play. I was lucky enough to read it when it was first published, and to see it presented on stage back in the early 1980's in a Black Playhouse. It was marvelous. She writes from her heart and her experiences. For most women who see it, the story rings within their soul. one of the characters will be easy to relate to.


If it comes to your neighborhood theater be sure to go and see it. support a Black Womens Film. a Real Black Film made by a Black Woman for the world.

This is the original title track - by the High Priestess of soul - Nina Simone. this is the live version from an Italian Jazz Fest in the early 70's.

Yes We Are All Different Women, Yet the Same - All The Same,


JamericanSpice said...

Title so true.

I really would love to watch For Colored Girls. Sigh but seems I might have to wait until it comes on DVD as is the norm.

We'll see.

Love the other videos.

Jacqueline said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this one. Every female star in town is in it for sure.