Sunday, November 21, 2010

Looks Like Super Vixen Noxema Jackson is starring in a new drama

Looks Like Super Vixen Noxema Jackson is starring in a new drama

Apparently the Foxy New Tax Felon was taken into custody today by several burly mens identified as federal marshals. Whatever shall we do for 90's vamp-ish blackmale superheroes for the next 3 years ???  Heaven Forbid Sam Jackson should have to make another movie.. (side-eye)

Today's London Sun Tabloid had this short piece about the surrender on Saturday :

WESLEY SNIPES has started his three-year jail sentence for tax evasion.

The actor handed himself over to federal authorities today and is "in transit" to a federal prison.

A Florida judge revoked his bail this morning and ordered Snipes to report to the authorities immediately, after rejecting an appeal from his lawyer Daniel Meachum to review his sentence and grant a new trial.

Judge Terrell Hodges said: "The defendant Snipes had a fair trial. The time has come for the judgement to be enforced."

The 48-year-old was found guilty in April 2008 of failing to file tax returns in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

He owes the US government up to £13 million in taxes.

Upon launching an appeal in July, the actor's lawyer said a jail sentence was "unreasonable," and that probation would be a more appropriate punishment.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has yet to disclose where Snipes will serve his sentence.
(end of clipping)
Now think of this - instead of pay 3.5 million dollars of taxes on 38 million dollars of earnings. he now spends 5 million in penalties and 3 years in a federal jail. Ha !

I just wonder who's going to play Noxema in the movie version - Jamie Foxx ?  Remember he can play everybody from Wanda to Ray Charles. So No Doubt he knows how to put his padding on.

Clutch the Pearls Girls !

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