Thursday, November 11, 2010

PODCAST - DOWNLOAD Gregory Isaacs A Timeless Rendition

Today In honor of the genius of Gregory Isaacs We Let Off A Lil Sumptin
We've put together just a very few of his hits to take us down memory lane. Do You Remember where you were when you heard your first Gregory Isaacs Tune? Who you were with. What you were doing. It's all key to your love affair with The Cool Ruler. Because once you heard him, you became a fan.

For Me, it was a tape given to me by a friend. In the old days Rastamen courted their potential queens with Music, Fruit, Incense and Ishens. yes those were the days.. The tape had alot of music on it, but most of it was Gregory Isaacs. That tape created an instant fan. from that day in 1977 I was hooked on the coolness of Gregory Isaacs.
This compilation is to highlight his career as an artist, producer and record label owner. Many people forget that his African Museum Label released all of Gregorys' music begining in the late 1990's. He did alot of tunes for a great many of the hottest producers of the day. But His Work came out of African Museum; and it had that special sound.
When you listen to his voice, you can't help but to feel the gritty smooth rudeness of the Kingston of the 1970's and 80's. Mostly because he croons it like thick coconut jelly. There will be many but there will only be One Cool Ruler.
This Tribute Contains the Following Twenty Tunes - along with a short two part biographical commentary. Next Week we will release the soundtrack minus narration; in two parts.

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  1. Ready We Ready - Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown
  2. Addicted to You - Gregory Isaacs
  3. Idlers Corner - Gregory Isaacs and the Mighty Diamonds
  4. Feeling Irie - Gregory Isaacs
  5. Something Nice - Gregory Isaacs
  6. Dreadlocks Love Affair - Gregory Isaacs
  7. Stranger in Your Town - Gregory Isaacs
  8. Cool Down the Pace - Gregory Isaacs
  9. Hush Darling - Gregory Isaacs
  10. Body Language - Gregory Isaacs
  11. Oh What a Feeling - Gregory Isaacs
  12. Raggamuffin - Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown
  13. Let Off Sumptin - Gregory Isaacs with Dennis Brown and Josie Wales
  14. Rumors - Gregory Isaacs
  15. Solitary Confinement - Gregory Isaacs
  16. The Border - Gregory Isaacs
  17. A Riot - Gregory Isaacs
  18. Mr Cop - Gregory Isaacs and Macka B
  19. Payroll - Gregory Isaacs
  20. Slavemaster - Gregory Isaacs
Duration : 77 Minutes / 64k Digital Media @ 256 MHZ for Maximum Boom

Produced : 11/09/10 by RE Ausetkmt for ASID Hi-Power Sound. UK/JM/US and

Copyright : all rights reserved to original copyright owners; RE Ausetkmt for; ASID Hi-Power SoundSystem and Studios UK/JM/US

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