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Mitt do you hear that ? - The Fat Lady is Singing

This is just a reminder that sometimes we wish for things but we just don't get them. No matter how rich or white or mormon you are, it's not always a done deal, in America. Such is the case of a lil boy from Michigan named Mitty Romney. it's a sad saga but someone had to finally tell it, from the hometown perspective.

Today Is That Day Folks -

You See, MITTY ROMNEY IS A MICHIGAN THROW AWAY. and for the record he's not worth the .10 deposit off that can of whoop ass we're about to open up today.

Just to think that he had the nerve to say that he'd let Detroit Go Bankrupt.. Bish Please.

Eminem Said " They can't say you ain't beautiful, they can alll get fucked cause it ain't true.." Yeah My Boy, Tell Em -
Mitty Watch This and Remember "What You Bankrupted"

Wayyyyy back in the 60's when Mittys' daddy George Romney was the governor of Michigan; things were a-changing. He was on the downward swing of the economic changes and suburban political swings that would bring about White Flite. Yes He was the governor who ordered the National Guard to drive a tank through my neighborhood in 1967.

Talk about White Fear.. and Avarice

Mitty reminds us of that White Flight and the White Fears.. always wanna throw something away before you look at it to see if it's still usable; like Detroit. they have such an insecurity about control; that they have to be anal retentive about everything. Absolutely to the point, that they shit on it.

So many politicians have attempted to Shit on the D, and all found that the D took a bite out of their asses. Mitty is finding that his comments will be the foundation of what will prevent anyone from seeing him as a candidate, for President. Even the republicant's aren't so brain dead, that they'd ignore a comment like that.

Remember Detroit has a lot of republican influence asserted against it. you have Rick the shit Snyder; Oakland Countys' Brooks the crook Patterson; and even Robert I fucked up Ficano; all republicant's.
Detroits' problems are massive. Most of them stem from the horrendous budget cuts and lack of funding; to the largest city and highest tax base recepient in the State of Michigan. Yes Detroit pays more than any other city to the state, and still it receives less than most cities its' size anywhere else in the nation. This is the real reason for it's budget shortfalls; and continued denegeration as a city.

Hipsterish gentrification seems to be behind this. Everyone has seen the plans for the new smaller hipper Detroit. The New Detroit that doesn't include any faces of the people who have lived here for generations. those faces are the ones who are being called Bankrupt by faces like Mitty.

There has to be a clearer path to reality in our Rustbelt metropolis, other than bankruptcy. But if bankruptcy is their choice then give us the keys when you pull the fuck out and we'll show you what Detroit can really be.

You see thats' the real problem. no one wants to turn control of the real affairs of the city over to those residents who have ridden it out from the 50's, 60's 70's and even the 80's.

We've been here and we're still here

The hipsters are coming in, buying property for pennies; creating small enclaves within a city. That in itself is anti city. How do you create a walled fortress inside of a neighborhood and want to be considered a part of that neighborhood ? not gonna happen.

This is what white flite brings back. The pre funded urban grunge sympathiser who doesn't see the struggle that the family who has lived here for 50 years has dealt with.

They don't have the equity in the community to have suffered through the lack of bank loans to help with up keep on their property; even though they've banked there for generations. Their newish wsp will open doors that still swing shut on generational residents even to this day. How healthy or business saavy can that be in any economic climate ? selective lending and other redlining issues have and still continue to plague Detroit residents.

The high taxes for city services which lack even a semblence of basics. The absence of street maintenance; the lack of appropriate trash pick up. this has led to dumping by contractors from all over the tri county area, who instead of paying to dump their loads in landfills as mandated; just pull up to a vacant lot and unload their crap, right on Detroit.

Calls to the police while this dumping is happening also do no good; as the Police don't respond. To city residents who are the victims of this faceless crime, it almost seems as though they don't respond so that it can continue. This is a part of the devaluation of entire neighborhoods, which have literally burned or crumbled to the ground.

Now undercover Republican't Mayor former basketballer and union busting industrialist Dave Bing; has a plan to parcel off and sell these neighborhoods to developers.

Yes I said he intends to sell entire neighborhoods to gated community developers. Thereby removing part of the tax base and residential housing base from the city; And he plans to do it without even a vote from the citizens.

The most horrendous crime as far as we can see is the total lack of community policing to address the pockets of crime. If you call the police for assistance, and there is not a weapon involved, they don't come period. This is inexcusable in a city with more than 3000 police officers.

Crime in Detroit has reached the point that frustrated community members are responding directly to the police, by ambushing them when they rob them; and even going so far as to come to the police station armed and ready for combat. you may remember the incident where a Detroiter and the Police shot it out in a police station last year.

Unfortunantely no one heard the reason for the shoot out because the police hushed it up. The streets have it that this man had been robbed and pistol whipped by plain clothes police from this very preceint. yes I said Robbed and Pistol Whipped By the Police. The cops in the D are a rare breed to put it mildly. not all are wearing the balaclavas, but the blue wall of silence makes them all the same.
They openly terrorize the community and hold the youth hostage, with no recourse. This is a part of the reason Detroit is still under a Federal Justice Consent Decree Monitoring program. the cops are wayyy off the hook and no one is trying to reign them in. they don't prevent crime, they basically ignore it to help degenerate the citys' profile. This is a major part of the reason frustration has risen so high with law enforcement.

As Well, for generations the lack of community control of the schools system has led to the inability to provide a prepared pool of workers for a city dying of employer neglect. you either went to work in an auto factory or one of the hospitals. now there are no factory jobs and the hospital needs skilled workers.

Presently the few public school programs that help Detroit youngsters get into healthcare field positions are totally underfunded. so much so that they don't have enough teachers to supply the need for classes. yet they don't have enough money to hire the teachers, to teach the students who are in queue for Healthcare curiccullums. What a circular travesty.

Detroit Wants to Know How You'd Handle These Issues Mitty ?

  1. How can you turn out skilled workers if you don't teach Currently In Demand skills ?
  2. Where are the programs for robotics ?
  3. What about electronics equipment repair programs ?
  4. What about construction trades ? these are all in demand and in need fields that are not even a part of the Detroit Public Schools system curriculum.
  5. What about the Pharmacy Tech and Healthcare field programs that get funding assistance from corporate interests, Where are they ?

Why is this happening Mitty ?

Mostly because the funds have been mismanaged to the point that the community elected school board has been usurped by the governor and replaced with a school system manager. yes a person who okays everything instead of a board who was elected to run the schools by the voters.

We'd also like to ask these questions about our taxes and development funds Mitty -
  1. Why is it that companies like Compuware get millions of dollars of tax relief; Yet a small business or store owner gets nothing for providing food or services in his neighborhood ?
  2. Why do the traffic patterns lead you only away from commerce, unless it's into the block granted areas of non Detroit owned businesses ?
  3. Where are the grants to develop neighborhoods and preserve the economic infrastructure needed to maintain a neighborhoods' stability and economic integrity ?
  4. Why do we have so many liquor stores and so few supermarkets ?
  5. Why are there so many fast food outlets and so few neighborhood Mom and Pop Cafes' ?
  6. What happened to backyard garden projects in vacant lots with the help of the Wayne County 4H cooperative ?
  7. What happened to kids going outside and picking up paper on their schools' yards and planting gardens and flowers ?
  8. Where are our Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts selling cookies ?
Yes we ask these questions because these are the questions that archive the active life of a community. Not a criss cross of miniature fortified enclaves met by freeway escape ramps. What happened to the Beauty that Is Detroit ?

Lets' Ask Mitt and His Republicant's because they're the ones who defunded and Bankrupted them.
The very next republican't we hear speaking about Detroit better have a bill in his hand and be handing it to the cashier with currency. Because otherwise we're just gonna go DMX UP In HERE.

This is that Special Dedication that we spoke about earlier - just for You Mitty

Mitty Why Don't You Go Back to Montana and Pick Dental Floss on your pigmy pony.

Now Can We Get A Lil RESPECT

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