Monday, June 13, 2011

The Longstroke of Injustice gets a Pay Off and a Pass

The Eddie Longstroke seems to have finally hit it's peek. the rumors are flying that the dirty bishop paid some 25 milli to make the gay suit go away. read this from YourBlackWorld News

Bishop Eddie Long Reportedly Paid $25 Million to Make Case Go Away

*Citing an unnamed source, the web site is reporting that New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor Bishop Eddie Long is paying nearly $25 million to settle claims he had sexual relationships with four young male parishioners, and has also given an apology to the accusers.
The source, who claims to be familiar with the details of the settlement and did not wish to be identified, said that Long refused to give a public apology, which ended up costing him more, according to Redding’s editor and publisher Robert Redding Jr.
Redding writes:
What began as a $2 million agreement to settle the case for each of the four men quickly rose to $5.5 million for the respective plaintiffs, the source said, only because Long refused to publically admit guilt.
The men are to divide $2.2 million equally and then receive $400,000 in payments until the money is paid out over the next 20 years, the source said. The final figure comes to $22 million for the four men and $2.8 million for the plaintiffs’ attorneys.
The church had already been paying these four young men $40,000 annually each before any charges were filed, the source said.
Still, Long did give a private apology, the source said. Redding News Review has decided not to print the source’s paraphrasing of that apology.
Long could not be reach at press time.
That's Not All Since we know you like a lil Desert with your Tea - apparently the heaven lottery has happened and none of us won.  Creflo Dollar has proclaimed that Eddie Long is IN.. Wowww,,,

Well all we can say is, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

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msladydeborah said...

This whole situation has a bad smell to it. It only confirms what people have believed to be true all along-if you have money you can buy injustice with a payment.

I think that if Bishop Long was innocent, he would of fought the charges. The fact that he paid off the group of young men indicates that he is not willing to tell the truth.