Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Delta does not Respect the American Soldier

Delta does not Respect the American Soldier

In fact they are purposely forcing them to pay for carrying their tools when they fly.Delta is forcing them to pay to carry their guns, and rocket launchers. what are they thinking ? this is military equipment ? Delta did this even though they have a contract that allows the military to carry four bags, Delta is forcing these soldiers in transit to pay for their fourth bag. WTF Delta ?

Watch this video made by the Soldiers involved this morning onboard the flight 6/7/2011

The story came to us on Tumblr from Producer Matthew one of our followers :
Delta Airlines charges troops for bags: A military unit returning to the United States from Afghanistan was charged $2,800 — or $200 per soldier — in extra baggage fees on a June 7th flight from Baltimore’s Washington International Airport.
The soldier who published the video, Spc. Robert O’Hair, asked another passenger to explain the fees the unit was asked to pay prior to boarding. The passenger said the fee was for his fourth bag, which contained government-issued items.
Delta Airlines says its policy is to waive extra baggage fees for up to four bags in business and first class, and three bags in coach, to accomodate active duty US military service members. It’s not clear where the soldiers appearing in the video were seated, but one says he was charged $200 for his fourth bag.
Delta Airlines released a statement explaining their policy and apologizing to the soldiers, but offered no information on whether or not the troops in the YouTube video would be reimbursed their expenses.
The above video was sent to by a news producer at KING-TV in Seattle.

I wonder how much my delta mileage is really worth now ? they surely can't count me amongst their frequent fliers anymore. this was just enough for me to say, no thanks delta.


mikmoral said...

This is just one of many companies out there that are selfish & un Patriotic. Their only Patriotic duty is to make money & destroy the compitition. The Banks & Medical insurances are some of the other companies that make it difficult for the average worker, military or Veterans. Specially the Banks after the trilions money bailout to save their own butts, suddenly change the rules of getting a loan more difficult for the tax payers to get it. Yet the government does nothing except promises to fix it, will helping the corporations get richer. Just remember theses things come elections, paybacks a mother....!

RE Ausetkmt said...

mikmoral you got all that right. now lets see how they show their hands in this election season. this promises to be one of the toughest election seasons ever.

I can hardly wait. Mitt Romney said "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" so you know he's on my list of folks to expose.

I can hardly wait. Thanks for your wonderful comment. many folks just pass through and never bother, but you spoke out and that matters loads.