Friday, January 7, 2011

PODCAST * Welcome to the 2011 Insecurity Zone

Hello 2011 and Welcome to the Insecurity Zone,

Episode 1 includes this nuclear soundtrack :
  • American Terrorist - Lupe Fiasco
  • Bad Reputation - Vybz Kartel
  • Self Defense - Agent Sasco
  • Friend or Foe - Chase Cross
  • Buddah in The Air - The Beatnuts
  • History Time - Mos Def in Dub
  • Listen To Hear - Talib Kweli
  • Sleepin with the Enemy Remix - Diamond D
  • Mama Say - Versatile

Duration : 39:17 in 256k / 44.1 mb Stereo Format

Produced : 01/04/2011 - at the Sunshine Shop in Tampa Florida

Producers: Mama ASID/ RE Ausetkmt and Papa ASID

Copyrights: BadGalsRadio - ASID Hi-Power Soundsystem 2011 for the podcast. All Rights Reserved to Original Musical Copyright Holders.

We Welcome You to our new Series -

The Insecurity Zone


The 2011 Insecurity Zone is all about the things that make people and governments insecure. we're planning a full series of Podcasts specifically on the Political Peccadilloes that are becoming our everyday news staples.
This first episode starts out with our discussions on the new American Terrorist - The Citizen and Journalist.

Can you imagine that the US Government has declared war on the Truth ?
Certainly we can all see the signs of a media crackdown; and a test of American personal liberties. At the open of the year 2011 the US Government began playing with a whole new set of rules for both employees and citizens alike.
These days there are more questions about who you heard something from and how you feel about it - than the actual item that should be the object of the discussion. It seems that the government spy facilities are on overtime; with no view at normalization.
A memo that said any and all contacts with the media are required to be reported; was the opening salvo for the majority of government workers. Even those in non sensitive positions are being queried about their media contacts. whether they are personal or business - all contact with the media is now a discussion item. which means the vicious cycle of media repression is in place.
If it had not been for the Wiki-leaks we'd still know little to nothing about the inside world of our government diplomacy machine. much of what we've learned at this point has not been top secret, but still relevant and very interesting. Each cable reveals the disdain and tenacity that the US State Department is exercising around the globe.
Foreign governments are as well being uncloaked. This is what the world has been waiting for. It took a mastermind like Julian Assange to finally snatch the cover off the machinations of our diplomatic watchers. The war statistics alone were clear proof; that every move they make, should be on the table under the bright light of public scrutiny. These backroom under the table deals are what have American blood flowing daily in Afghanistani poppy fields and Iraqii oil fields.
We hope that this series will serve as your reminder of what they don't want you to think about; even though you know you need to. this time we don't ask you to duck and cover, but to instead open your minds and explore the reality of the facts. We will reveal finally "who are the real pawns" in this game of diplomatic fuckery.

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