Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Remembering Teena - They laid our ivory queen of soul to rest the other day

They laid our ivory queen of soul to rest the other day

We Loved Teena Marie and followed her throughout her whole career.  Our Sadness at her sudden death meant that we had to follow it to the end. This is some of the last footage of Teena and her band rehearsing for Her fall 2010 Tour. this was shot in early September 2010 as she prepared to rock the world one more time.

Yeah Teena, we'll always be Suckers For Your Love Baby..

Just watch her fingers glide over the strings; it just as if she wrote this music yesterday. Her music is  emotionally timeless and will remain a part of our generations dna mindmap. watch her starting at the 7:10 mark and you know she's all IN the music.  She's jumping and putting her whole funk into the mix. Thats' Teena.  The coroners report says she passed away of a cerebral hemmorage; in her sleep thankfully.

For those who may have missed this - it's from the memorial service for Teena Marie.

Some folks don't know the real story about Teenas' relationship with Rick James. This is a short clip of what she sums up as Rick Using Her. The way it looked to us - is that they were so deep that you couldn't tell what it really was - but we all loved it.  Seeing them on stage performing is an experience I can never forget. the funk hung in the air like a cloud. the emotion was palpable and Teena was on fire. Rick was a master at manipulating the crowd and his band - and in his hands Teena was C4.

Oh Yes Shes' Definately Loved, cause She's Still Rockin Our World.  If You are a fan, just think of her when you look up and hear a funky song. 

That's Teena twinkling ever so brightly just above our heads. Loving Us Still.

We Were So Glad To Know You Teena Marie,

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msladydeborah said...

Teena Marie will be missed. I loved to hear the woman sing.