Monday, January 31, 2011

Jamaica is overdosing on Salt and Copper

Today we are so sad it's taken us two days to ask this question - Jamaica Blackberry nah feed unnu; but pure coppershot yuh reap - Why ?
Murder seems to be the season in Jamaica this January. unfortunantly many of those who are cut down are innocent victims of violence a yard. Just like this nice likkle yute Copper Cat.

Listen to his message - pure peace, and love even at 8 years old

How Come Dem murda him right infronta mi gate? I don't understand dis atall. copper dont get into nuttin, mi don't get into nuttin wit why dis happen, right in front of Mi Gate - I don't understand dis at all ?
Richie Stephens talking about the murder of His Artist/Son Demar "Copper Cat" Graham on the doorstep of his home - for a blackberry phone. 01/28/2011

Everybody in Jamaica wants to know why this happens so much to nice people Just like this nice likkle yute Copper Cat.

Dis Nah Mek No Sense Jamaica ?

Why bad yute always wanna steal the good ones.. Like Dem Turn Pure Vampire and badmind' Blackheart.

A Blackberry was the object of adoration for these crooks and we wish them to ring off all the way to hell. Take a look at the late great Demar Copper Cat Graham. He was a young 22 literally. killed standing on his Front Doorstep, Inside His Own Gate.

It is reported that the 22 year old entertainer, whose given name is Demar Graham, was about to open his gate on Cassandra Crescent shortly before 10 o'clock when he was pounced on by armed men who shot him several times.
Copper Cat tried to run from his attackers but later collapsed and died.
The gunmen reportedly stole his Blackberry phone before escaping.
Copper Cat was the adopted son of singer Richie Stephens.
Several popular entertainers who turned up at the scene expressed shock at the death of the young artiste who they said had a very promising career.
The ASID Hi Power Sound System and BadGalsRadio sends our condolences and prayers to our idren Richie Stephens and to the family of Demar "Copper Cat" Graham on his untimely and savage murder.
we are sure in our heart of hearts that the killers will be brought before us all to stand for their crime. It's the senseless murder of peaceful yute like Copper Cat that bother us most.

There is never a time to murder, but especially to murder the yute who preach peace and goodness.

All Blackhearts be warned, This Is Your Year to BE Exposed On The Wire,

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