Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why are ya Lookin at Black Jesus - Wellllll, read the post

Why are we showing you Black Jesus on a Thursday..

WELLLLLLL,, Cause WE Breakin Bread Witcha

today is the final day of the Entrecard widget ON BADGALS-RADIO.COM We're A RADIO STATION

Listen to BADGALSRADIO on any media player
Listen on Windows Media Player
Listen with RealPlayer
Listen on WinAmp

However since joining Entrecard we've sort of ceased behaving that way, and it's cost us most of our listeners.

Well on May 1st That's OVA BABY

The BadGals are Back Spinnin and Throwin that Plastic Round 24/7. if you want to read the blog we've made a provision for that too. you see we're moving the Blog to our old spot. back where it all started - years ago, On Blogspot.

click me to go to the new BadGalSays Blogspot, it's HOTTT

Click this rather clever new banner designed for our new site by our friend Graphic Genius Paul Baines of the UK; and you'll be magically transported to the hottest new music blog on Entrecard - BadGalSays.

We know you don't like it when stuff shakes up your normal routine; and so we're trying to help you out, by asking the folks at Entrecard to change our URL to the correct spot - before this happens on Friday May 1 at Midnite.

If Any of the Entrecard Moderators reads this, can you check that message in the support queue about my move from MONDAY and Correct the URL. Thanks

Thanks and We Look Forward To Seeing You There. this site will remain here as a Blog but will be a RADIO STATION and NOT A BLOG Starting On SATURDAY.

Thanks For Your Visits, Comments, Drops and Your Kindness -
See Ya on The New Site -

Oh Yeah, WE Takin Serena's Panties with us,

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Sheila said...

Hello! I'm glad to have found you so quickly! I will update my blogroll immediately.