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1974: The dissident forces come for the emperor Haile Selassie I.
Most of the House of Makonnen and it's inner circle ware imprisoned or executed.

1977: Bantu Stephen Biko, leader of South Africa's Black Consciousness Movement, passes away (dead from head injuries suffered while in police custody) in Pretoria, South Africa. Age 30. (b. December 18, 1946)

1988: Mighty Diamonds perform in Amsterdam. The show is recorded and later released as "Live In Europe"

All-white funeral for Benz's son

Carlton Grant son of Spragga Benz - Contributed

The son of popular deejay Spragga Benz, Carlton 'Carlisle' Grant will be laid to rest this Saturday September 13 in an all-white funeral service.

When THE STAR spoke with the deejay he said that the funeral will be held at 'Our Lady of the Angels' on Molynes Road at 10 a.m., and the burial will follow at Dovecot Memorial Park. The funeral, which was originally expected to be held in October, got pushed forward when the autopsy date was changed from the scheduled October 2 appoint-ment.

'Not into di mourning thing'
According to Spragga Benz, the autopsy will now take place this Thursday. The funeral will be open to the general public as long as persons who are attending wear white for the service. Spragga Benz explained, "we requesting persons to wear white, cause we not into di mourning thing."

Carlisle Grant was killed on Saturday August 23 by police in what is believed to be questionable circumstances.

The incident occurred on Church Street in Kingston when the police were on an alleged patrol. It was reported that Grant and a friend was riding a bicycle when ordered by the police to stop, which they did and one of them pulled a gun and fired at the police. The fire was returned and the men ran, the area was searched and Grant's body was found suffering from several gunshot wounds.

Spragga is taking legal action, gathering information on the incident and thus far there are no further updates on the case.

Spragga Benz (right) and his son's mother Sharon Gapoor (centre) at a nine night held for their son recently. - Nathaniel Stewart

Video Witness Statement - Carlton Grant (Spragga Son) Murder

Usain Bolt gets a hero’s welcome home

Residents Protest Move of Usain Bolt concert

10 Sep 2008 | by Phlex, Staff Writer

Residents of Sherwood Content, Usain Bolt's hometowm mounted a demonstration this morning when it was announced that the concert would be relocated to another venue in Trelawny.

The show, which will feature the talents of Beenie Man, Shaggy, Stacious, Richie Spice and others, is scheduled to be held on September 20th at the Hague Agricultural grounds. It is being produced by Mario Lazarre of No Joke Entertainment.
By yardFlex on Yard News
bolt copy.jpg“To the world,” was the first thing Usain “Lightening” Bolt said as he returned to Jamaica yesterday to a welcome fit for the hero he has become. Bringing home his world record gold medals earned at this summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing, Bolt triggered an eruption of love, pride and immense joy amongst Jamaicans at home and abroad.
Throngs of people waited for him to arrive at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston yesterday afternoon.
As the man who made history in Beijing by winning the 100 and 200 meters in world record time descended from the aircraft, he struck the famous ‘lightening pose’. From the slight lean of the body, finger in the air to one side and the other arm outstretched Bolt paused for a moment before going into a few moves of the ‘Usain Bolt’ dance; completely thrilling the enormous crowd.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller and Sports Minister Olivia Grange met Bolt as he stepped off the Virgin Atlantic flight yesterday afternoon. A celebration ceremony was held that evening at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, where Bolt got a chance to meet with international press.
Returning ahead of his team mates, the 22 year-old’s welcome acted also as the launching of many activities being arranged by the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports. Prime Minister Golding announced a celebration is slated for October 3rd when all the other Jamaica Olympic team members will return home. It is expected to an elaborate affair with floats, a rally and so on.

Illegal Olympic DVD being sold

Jamaica's performance at the recently concluded Olympic Games in Beijing, China, is being sold illegally on a DVD in downtown Kingston and Half-Way Tree, St Andrew.

Despite obvious copyright infringements, vendors have been selling the DVD for $100.

The demand for the item is so great that when THE STAR checked the first four vendors, they claimed to be "out of stock".

"Bway, yu late; mi don. Check further dung di line cause mi out a stock ya now. Dem a sell fast; about 10 mi sell from day," one vendor said.

The vendors say that the DVD was made available for sale about a week ago and has been in great demand since.

"Da DVD ya is like a collector's edition, eno. Everybody want one. A whole heap a people a request dem," one female vendor, Iris, told THE STAR yesterday after the DVD was finally obtained.

The front of the DVD bears an image of Asafa Powell receiving the baton from Usain Bolt in the final of the 4 x 100 metres relay event for men.

'100 % JAMAICAN'

The cover is labelled 'Beijing 2008' and has other inscriptions such as '100 % JAMAICAN' and 'THE SPRINT FACTORY'.

The one-hour-and-40-minute-long DVD was recorded from the broadcast of a Jamaican television station and shows the 100- and 200-metre events for men and women, the 400-metre race for women, the 4 x 100 metre event for men, the 4 x 400-metre event for men and women and the women's 400-metre hurdles.

At the end of the DVD, Jimmy Cliff's Harder They Come is played in the background, while messages, such as 'Beijing 2008 Jamaica Sprint Factory', 'Jamaica Rules the World' and 'History, Ours to Remember' are flashed across the screen.

When THE STAR spoke to the police about the DVD they said they were not aware of it but they would be conducting investigations

Look Pon Wi Sistah with Macka Diamond - Large UP Ya Self Shelly - Nuff Love from Ya Crew

Sep 10, 2008 New York, NY (Ms. Raine Inc.): Desmond Ballentine, known to Dancehall aficionados as the 'front teet, gold teet, gun pon teet' lyrical terror the Don Gorgon Ninja Man, has officiallly declared war--lyrical war that is. Renowned for stealth, witty verbal tactics, and over the top stage antics, Jamaica's prized vocal assassin has his sights set on one thing and one thing only for the New Jersey Reggaefest--to verbal destroy the 'Warlord.'

"I am coming for Bounty," Ninja Man declares. "Mi nah go hit the stage until they call on Bounty Killer. You make sure you tell them that me, Ninja Man, say so."

Not missing a chance to show America what he is made of, Ninja Man has guaranteed to show the New Jersey Reggaefest, dubbed the 'Year of the Great,' that this will be the year of the great lyrical slaying of his on-again off-again stage rival Rodney "Bounty Killer" Price who has garnered his own reputation for his razor-sharp lyrical delivery, and 'cross, angry, and miserable' disposition on the microphone.

" 'Merica never really get a good stage competition yet," states Ninja. "It is about time the Dancehall people in 'Merica really get to see somebody lyrically dead pon stage. I am coming for the one Rodney Price, who a gwaan like people 'fraid a him, then him always a run and a hide. Well, this time he can't run and hide and me a go kill him with lyrics pon stage. New Jersey better get ready, 'cause I am coming for the one Bounty Killer."

While the usual verbal chiding between the two has been uncomfortably tense over the past few months with each making very personal attacks and allegations against the other, Ninja makes it clear that the war is "strictly lyrical."

"Bounty feels like he is one of the greats in the 'year of the great,' oh really," Ninja teases. "It will be the year of great mourning, all of him New Jersey and New York fan dem a go mourn fi him--in the lyrical, not literal, sense. Don't get it confused."

"People know that they can expect anything at the New Jersey Reggaefest," chuckles concert organizer Casey "G City" Rankine of Road Block Radio, adding that "it's all in the name of fun and entertainment. Ninja, Bounty, and Beenie [Man] have been in the industry for well over a decade, they are three of the greatest, and this will no doubt be a great display of talent."

Currently Bounty Killer is on tour in Japan, but the Alliance camp has confirmed that the throngs of Tri-State Dancehall fans can expect a lively performance to which the 'Five Star General' will not falter. With the recent addition of Alliance members Bugle and Serani, and a rare U. S. performance from Roots Reggae empress Queen I-frica, patrons can rest assure that the 2008 NJ Reggaefest will be the greatest of an eight-year history of stellar stage shows.

On Sunday, September 21st, G City Entertainment, Road Block Radio, MG Promotions, and Team A Promotions present the 8th Annual New Jersey Reggae Fest. Marked 'The Year of the Great,' 2008's staging promises to be the biggest and best yet, with a rare U.S. performance from royal Reggae empress Queen I-frica, as well as highly anticipated performances from the greats of Reggae and Dancehall from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“Two Thousand Eight is our 8th year as New Jersey's premiere outdoor festival celebrating the sound and culture of Reggae," says G City. "With a line-up that includes so many of the Dancehall/Reggae greats and upcoming greats, we had to nickname 2008's Reggae Fest, 'the year of the great.” The 8th Annual New Jersey Reggae Fest, featuring Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Ninja Man, Barrington Levy, Queen I-frica, Assassin, Etana, Demarco, and Flippa Mafia, will be held at the Halsey Street Sports Complex in Newark, on Sunday, September 21st.

G City Entertainment, Road Block Radio, MG Promotions, and Team A Promotions present the 'Year of the Great' New Jersey Reggaefest featuring Ninja Man, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Queen I-frica, Barrington Levy, Demarco, Etana, Bugle, and Serani, to be held on Sunday, September 21st at the Halsey Sports Complex (213 Halsey Street in Newark, NJ). Limited advance tickets are on sale for $49.99 with advance VIP tickets for $80.00. For ticket outlets and other information, call 973-368-4424 or 347-492-3977 or email

Jamaican brothers sign deal with YouTube channel
published: Friday | September 12, 2008

Susan Gordon, Business Reporter

David Mullings - Contributed

RealVibez Media, an integrated media and entertainment company owned by two Florida-based Jamaican brothers, has inked a deal with YouTube to run a reggae music/information channel on the popular Internet video site, from which RealVibez will earn advertising revenue.
"All the videos we upload have ads beside them and we get money for those ads," said David Mullings, the CEO of RealVibez, the company he runs with brother, Robert, from Fort Lauderdale.

The brothers formed the company six years ago.

It is individuals who place mostly amateur videos on YouTube, the wildly popular site owned and controlled by Google.

In such cases, there are no income-earning opportunities for people either seeking attention or who believe that their offering is just worth seeing by the world.
But YouTube also allows for the placement of copyright-protected video clips and entertains special channels through which users can access specific content, supported by advertising.
It is the latter arrangement that RealVibez and the Mullingses apparently reached with YouTube in July.
YouTube, under the arrangement, is responsible for the advertising content from which RealVibez will earn a fee. The reggae channel was formally launched this week, on September 8.

YouTube could not be immediately reached for comment, but David Mullings said that the Internet site was willing to connect with RealVibez out of an appreciation for thegrowing importance and popularity of reggae/dancehall music.

"They love reggae music and loved what we are doing," said Mullings.
But while the focus is on reggae, the site will cover other Caribbean music, including soca and other Caribbean pop events.

Mullings said RealVibez has already spent US$250,000 on the venture, capital he expected to be recouped by the advertising income that will be shared between Real Vibez and content owners.
Whenever video or other content is uploaded to the reggae channel, advertising sourced by YouTube will be placed next to the content.

RealVibez, which will police the channel for the appropriateness of the offering, will earn a portion of the advertising revenue. Mullings projected that the venture could earn up to $2.8 million a year.
Exclusive arrangement

RealVibez already creates its own video content and Mullings said the company has an exclusive arrangement with the producers of the annual Reggae Summer Festival (Sumfest) in Montego Bay to market aspects of Sumfest.
This arrangement will be one source of content for the reggae channel.
"We would show the clips along with studio interviews of the artistes, and extend these beyond July so that, by the next year, people would know what Sumfest is all about and want to come," said Mullings.
Seeking talent
The Mullingses are also seeking to corral content from elsewhere, already seeking to sign up artistes and other content providers in an effort to build the portfolio for the RealVibez YouTube channel.
"We're signing a licensing deal with (Jamaica's cable) RETV which allows RETV's content on RealVibez," said David Mullings. "So, RETV will get revenue from advertising."

The site will promote everything reggae, including music, fashion and writings. - File

Mr. Vegas a Hit in Japan

By yardFlex on Yard News
Vegas High + High Energy_edit.jpgA titlewave of excitement overcame a colossal crowd of 40,000 fans recently when dancehall star Mr. Vegas took center stage at Japan's largest Reggae festival, Yokohama Reggae SAI.

There, the popular artist and his High Energy dancers unleashed a fiery stage performance, which lasted 30 minutes. Mr. Vegas boldly laced the venue with a medley of hits that spanned over a decade. From past chart toppers like "Heads High" and "Go Up" to current smashes "Tek Wey Yuhself" and "Hot Wuk," Mr. Vegas thoroughly entertained the enthusiastic crowd. The dancehall star felt so good mid-way into his performance, that he cataputled himself into the crowd. The fans, who eagerly transported him, didn't seem to mind a bit.

Additionally, given Mr. Vegas' extensive catalogue of music, it was only fair that he amuse his fans with current hits in Japan, "Do You Know" and "Up and Live." In fact, he aptly closed his adrenaline-fueled set with "Up and Live." Mr. Vegas was greeted with loads of praises from his fans in Japan, where he last toured in 2007 with Mighty Crown.

"To me -- performing before such a large crowd is an achievement," says Mr. Vegas. "It's a joy to see legions of fans on the other side of the world......mi tell you, Reggae music is a universal language that transcends race, color, class and creed."

Morgan Heritage Rocks 25,000 in Guyana

Morgan_Heritage_thumb.jpgA record-breaking 25,000 patrons packed the National Cricket Stadium to see welcome the group and receive their musical message. Morgan Heritage played classics and new hits alike � from Don't Haffi Dread to Nothing To Smile About

Roxroy McLean, Star Writer

Merciless, the 'Warhead', has returned. - Norman Grindley

After being missing from the local scene for nearly three years, Merciless, whose real name is Leonard Bartley, has returned and is set on making a comeback.

"People them must know that I'm back and ready for the road ... plus me a come with vengeance," Merciless told THE STAR in an interview yesterday.

The self-proclaimed 'Warhead' who only returned to the island last month, says he left in March 2005 to do tours in the United States and Europe.

Immigration issues
During his time there, he, however, got in trouble with the law and spent seven months in prison. "It was only some immigration issues ... and that has been sorted out. I'm just now focused on getting my music," he said.

Merciless, who is known for songs such as Ole Gallis and Gizzada, said that he was arrested by immigration officers in 2006 for missing a court date. He also says the experience was beneficial as he is now focused on releasing the songs he wrote while in prison.
"Well, I never had any problem ... I just do my writing, read my bible and pray to Father God," he said.


Merciless also said also that while he was in the US, he collaborated with Lil' John on Rep Yuh Click and performed in major cities like Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, California and Texas. He also did shows in France, England and Canada.

Now that he is back in Jamaica, the artiste is promising that his image will not change, but he will be making minor adjustments to his music.

"Yeah man! nothing nuh change, but the weather ... cause a me name Merciless so me affi live up to dat. But this time, mi nuh inna the bag a gun tune ... cause di world nuh right, but if the occasion arise, you done know," said the artiste, famous for his lyrical clash with Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Ninja Man at Sting 2000.

Since his return, Merciless has been working with producers such as Q45, Kings Of Kings, Scatta, and Lenny Hype, recording songs on all their rhythms.

"Me like waa gwaan and right now, I just want to get back ... people remember me for some my songs them, that had the place lock," Merciless said.

The Warhead has also undergone management changes, as he is now managed by SGE Entertainment, based in Florida.

Cops silent on Kartel case - Kartel Still IN Custody

Vybz Kartel - file

The police are extremely tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding the arrest of popular deejay Vybz Kartel.

A number of high-ranking police officers contacted by THE STAR yesterday refused to comment on the investigations.

However, director of communications for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Karl Angell, revealed that the police began interrogating the deejay yesterday.

He also revealed that Kartel, whose real name is Adidjah Palmer, is still in custody after being held on Wednesday during one of two raids carried out by members of the Joint Task Force.

When contacted, his attorney, Valerie Neita-Robertson also declined to comment. Kartel was picked up on Wednesday at his studio at 14 Kirk Avenue, Havendale, St. Andrew. A second raid was conducted at his house on Hacienda Way in Norbrook, also in St Andrew.

At least nine persons were detained during the raids including a policeman who was reportedly working as the deejay's bodyguard.

Before his recent arrest Kartel had previous brushes with the law. In 2004 he was arrested for an on-stage fight with fellow deejay Ninja Man at the Sting stage show.

In February a photograph with Kartel and fellow deejay, Sheldon 'Aidonia' Lawrence, began circulating. It showed them posing with what appeared to be high-powered weapons. Shortly after that Operation Kingfish issued a statement requesting a meeting with them.
No criminal charges were however laid against them.

| Vybz Kartel Detained by Cops

10 Sep 2008 | by Phlex, Staff Writer gets to understand that entertainer Vybz Kartel and several other men have been detained by King Fish (cops) earlier today.

An eyewitness told that the deejay and friends were hanging out at the studio as usual when a fleet of police stormed onto Kirk Avenue, searched the area and everyone insight before ordering them into one of the several police jeeps.

According to reports, the deejay was held for questioning on a recent incident. Even up to late this evening, the Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) did not confirm as to what incident the deejay was detained for. It was just weeks ago, Vybz Kartel’s Honda Accord (motor car) was allegedly bombed outside of his plush upper St Andrew home in the late hours of Sunday on August 24th. understands that Vybz Kartel and eight other men have been detained by the police. At this time, it is unclear what was the reason for the deejay's detention. Reports are officers from a joint police task force swooped down on the Kirk Avenue studio where the deejay normally hangs out, and detained the men at minutes after 5 p.m. today.

Nationwide News Network and CVM TV both reported that the deejay had been arrested, however the Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) was tightlipped regarding the detention of the men, and one representative even told a reporter that he "could neither confirm or deny the incident".


For once the thugs in two downtown Kingston communities are using their 'powers' for good.
Thugs from Denham Town and Tivoli Gardens, west Kingston, have found a unique way to encourage students from their communities to do well. 'Orders' have been given that children are not to be seen on the streets any time after 8 p.m. If they are seen and are not able to give a 'valid' excuse, a beating is imposed.

THE WEEKEND STAR learnt about the development while visiting Denham Town earlier this week. A resident, Carol Allen, was heard questioning the whereabouts of her six-year-old daughter. "A afta eight now. Mi naw go look fi har eno. A want di man dem si har an drop some lick pon har yu si," Allen said.

Subsequent checks revealed that information about the 'curfew' was relayed to residents sometime last week just before the start of the new school year. Since its inception parents have stated that they have no problem with it and are complying.

"... Not a ting nuh wrong, as long as dem nuh beat dem fi mash dem up too bad ... . It help more than anything else cause di school pickney dem kno' seh dem fi stay off a road when a school time an do some schoolwork," said Marvin Shepherd, a resident of Tivoli Gardens and a father of two high school students.

Pickaxe stick

So far, the residents say that there have been no cases of children being beaten as the curfew is being adhered to.

"When dem man yah set order a nuh joke ting so di kids affi tek it serious and dem know... Nobody nuh get 'regulate' yet ... cause di man seh is a pick axe stick dem ago use pon anybody who violate," Shepherd explained.

Embrace the move

One of the thugs chosen to help enforce the curfew also testified about its effectiveness. "Wi done send out di word, so any pickney who think seh dem too big fi follow it or feel seh dem uncle or big bredda or whoever a thug suh wi naw go trouble dem, mek a sad mistake ... If dem cyaa gi wi nuh proper talk as to why dem deh pon di road late, lick ago drop inna dem skin," he said.

The police say they are aware of the curfew activities and have even heard of it in Sunlight Street, in the Maxfield area.

Head of operations for the Kingston Western Division, Deputy Superintendent Aurthur Brown, told the WEEKEND STAR that the police have embraced the move.

"I've heard of it and it's something we don't mind as we don't want the kids on the streets after certain hours," DSP Brown said.

A corporal at the Denham Town Police Station noted, however, that the instructions might not only serve to motivate the children to do well in school, but also to protect them as the community is involved in a conflict. "We have heard of the encouragement part of it, but there is also a current war between men from Denham Town and men from Rema, so we think it also serves to protect them," the corporal said.

Bounty Captures New Game at the Hilton ?

Why the paparazzi nuh get fi snap a picture of the new browning inna Bounty life weh mek him book her in fi stay two months at the Hilton? Is like ah the man new home, breakfast, lunch and dinner and lovey-dovey stuff and all these things. Cross!

I'm Sure Beenie Man Must Be Jealous and on the look out for his newest thrill - updates to follow, promise.

CeCile and Beenie Man's 'I'm So Fly' is number one - New York

Beenie-man-badgal-cecilejamaica_newyork.jpgThe so fly single from dancehall diva CéCile and dancehall doctor Beenie Man has hit the top of the New York charts, which was only a matter of time. 'I'm So Fly' is also poised at number two on the South Florida chart, threatening to take over the top slot soon.

Released on the Danger Zone/SoBe Records label, 'I'm So Fly', produced by the famous Scott Storch, is featured on CéCile's latest album 'Waiting', which was released last month.

Cherine Bigs up Spears on MTV Awards for 'Piece of Me'

09 Sep 2008 | by Contrubuted Release

Seven months ago Britney Spears was in the spotlight for all the drama in her life, but on Sunday night she commanded the spotlight for all the right reasons - her music. Spears walked away with three coveted MTV Video Music Awards (Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Video Of The Year) for the song "Piece of Me".
"Piece of Me" which is the second single from Spears' "Blackout" album was officially remixed by Jamaican reggae legends Sly & Robbie and features the talented Dancehall-Soul songstress Cherine Anderson.
In an article published in the Jamaican Gleaner in March of 2008, singer Cherine Anderson said that her contribution to the reggae remix of "Piece Of Me" was "about giving support to another sister in music." Today Anderson feels the same and shared that " It's good to see her [Britney] triumph. I've always thought the song was a great song it gets me in the mood for my workouts."
According to one of the song's producers, Sly Dunbar " I am really glad to see that Britney win for "Piece Of Me," I loved working on that song and the video was really wicked."
Britney's Piece Of Me ( Sly & Robbie Reggae remix) featuring Cherine Anderson is AVAILABLE ON iTUNES!!!


World United Radio Conference & Music Festival to be held on November 14-15-16, 2008 in San Marcos Texas is accepting nominations in these categories:

Reggae Album of the year
Reggae Record Label of the year
A&R person of the year
Reggae Songwriter of the year
Reggae Radio Station of the year
Reggae Radio DJ of the year
Reggae Publicist of the year
Record Promotion person or company of the year

Include all these elements in one email:
Name of nominee
Full contact information
Photo, image, cd cover (if applicable) attached as .jpeg (low res)
mp3 (if applicable) of three songs max
reason why you think they should be nominated - 400 words max
Corresponding website

Remember, it must all arrive in one email. You will be notified if you are nominated.

The 2800 plus member Roots Music Association will vote and any ties will be voted on by directors and delegates of the association.

Gyptian set to release his highly anticipated second album, “I Can Feel Your Pain” with VP Records
MIRAMAR - On October 21st, 2008, Gyptian unveils his long-awaited sophomore release I Can Feel Your Pain on VP Records.

Evolving into a world class singer, Gyptian masters his timbre with his distinguished falsetto and innate ability to connect with his listeners, hence the reason for his album title.

From newcomers Imran “Fire Peter” Passard, John "FX" Crawford, Livity Movements and Ray Stephens to fellow production partner Kemar “Flavor” McGregor, this carefully constructed narrative meshes live one drop roots instrumentals and contemporary digital production with inflections of reggae, r&b, pop and rock.

With his real life depictions of ghetto hardships and love, Gyptian will strike a chord with his listeners on this 14 track collection. He opens with bittersweet laments, “Keep Your Calm” (Kemar "Flava" Mcgregor) then “Nobody No Cry” (Ray Stephen for Vertex Productions), painting a portrait of Jamaica’s devastatingly violent and corrupted landscape blended with rays of hope and resolution. His love songs are just as thought-provoking and sensitive. With charisma and grace, Gyptian’s voice floats effortlessly over the whimsical r&b tinged roots single “Where’s My Baby” (Livity Movements) and the title track produced by Imran "Fire Peter" Passard and FX Music, which is currently riding the reggae charts. Other standout tracks include the hypnotic one drop smoker’s anthem “Sensi” (Ray Stephens) and the melody driven tribute “Thanks and Praise” (Imran "Fire Peter" Passard).

Lying between baritone and tenor vocals, Gyptian can’t be pigeonholed into one sound. In 2005, he introduced a bold new voice that swept Jamaican airwaves with his incendiary hit “Serious Times,” which was declared Jamaica’s Most Important Song of 2005 beating out Junior Gong Marley’s Top Ten Billboard hit “Welcome to Jamrock”. Vibe Magazine stated his first single was sung in a “voice like liquid gold. And before the synthesized and digitally altered modulations of R&B hit maker T-Pain and the emerging Jamaican star Demarco were on the scene, Gyptian had mastered this sound that now sets the trend (seen on his debut album My Name Is Gyptian).

My Name Is Gyptian released on VP Records in Fall 2006 received widespread critical acclaim and attention. His first effort showcased “stripped-down, socially conscious tracks that evoke Marley at his most political,” according to Caribbean Travel & Life. The album also had a string of successful singles that dominated the reggae charts worldwide including “Serious Times”, “Beautiful Lady” and “Mama”.

Since then, the matured singer has spread his wings on the latest endeavor I Can Feel Your Pain telling a poignant story of love and letdown with his non-traditional sound.

Oh Baby! Laila Ali Gives Birth

Laila and CurtisCongratulations to Laila Ali, who announced today on her website that she gave birth to her and hubby Curtis Conway’s son, Curtis Muhammad Conway, Jr., on Aug. 26.
“Although mom and baby are both healthy and happy, there were some surprises during labor that altered Laila’s birth plan,” said a statement on People.
A few months ago Laila said she planned to give birth at home with the help of a midwife. Curtis Jr., weighed in at 6.8 lbs and measured 19 inches long, according to the website. It’s the first child together for the couple. Curtis Sr., a former NFL star, has three children from a previous relationship.
Naomi Campbell is on the prowl for motherhood after a successful operation earlier this year made her fertile. I pray she has more patience with a baby than her assistants and airline personnel.
Naomi with babyThe 38-year-old supermodel, who has serious anger management issues, reveals that she was unable to have children until surgery at a hospital in Brazil earlier this year. She originally said she was admitted to have a small cyst removed.
“They thought it was a cyst,” she explained, according to Britain’s Press Association. “When they opened it up they realized it was more.”
Thanks to the operation, Campbell said she’s now in perfect health.
“I was not able to have children up until March,” she said. “Now it’s in God’s hands. I would love to have a family.”

Maybe God was the one keeping her from throwing a cell phone at her baby’s head by not allowing her to get pregnant before. Now that a doctor has stepped in, let’s see how long it takes Naomi to get knocked up by her wealthy Russian luvha, Vladislav Doronin. She’s not getting any younger – but still looks ah-mazing!

September 11th, 2008

Kim ElbaJust when I started believing I would be Idris Elba’s first wife I find out the chocolate bar is divorced. The fact that he had a daughter was no secret but the assumption was that there only a baby mama existed. As it turns out, he was married.
Idris has done a pretty good job keeping his private live under wraps. But now the word is out that his ex-wife, Kim Elba, is a Georgia-based makeup artist, who according to her MySpace page, offers makeup services to the film, stage, TV, fashion, print and music industry. Naturally, she lists Idris in her list of credits.
Idris gave a sliver of a glimpse into his off-screen life when he sat down to chat with a reporter from London’s Daily Telegraph earlier this year.
“I’ve had wedding proposals, and one girl even had a baby and named her son after me.”
Asked if he enjoying the female attention, he replied:
“Next question.”
Asked about his daughter, he said:
“She lives out here, with her mother in Atlanta.”
“Honestly, I really can’t talk about my personal life because I’ve got a really messy one, so out of respect for the people involved…”
Well, I’d settle for being the second Mrs. Idris Elba. Even with the mess.

Jada useThe benefit to having an open marriage like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett say they have is that they can always tell one another when they’re going to step out on the other. That doesn’t work for all couples. So will Jada, pictured here outside David Letterman’s studio yesterday, rat out the cheating husband of a girlfriend?
“That’s a tricky very, very tricky situation,” the actress admitted during her appearance this morning on Today. “Unless I knew for an absolute fact; like if I saw it with my own eyes, but other than that, no. If I don’t see it with these two (points to her eyes) then no.”
But if she does, watch out! The tiny actress is making the rounds in New York promoting “The Women,” a film about a wealthy New Yorker who leaves her cheating husband and bonds with other society women. Jada plays a sexy lesbian in the flick, opening Friday. Don’t even start.

Kiss And Tell All Mariah’s Bidness

Mariah CareySeptember 11th, 2008 We know pre-nups can be made meaningless with the right attorney but can confidentiality agreements be made worthless too? A former record producer for Mariah Carey may find out.
Today’s Page Six reports:
Mariah Carey wants to quash parts of an explosive tell-all being penned by her former record producer Damion “Damizza” Young, who says he’ll bare details of the “intense four-year personal relationship” they shared and “worked diligently to disguise from the world’s press.” Young tell us the songbird’s lawyer Sonya Guardo, who works with powerhouse celebrity attorney Allen Grubman, fired off a letter reminding him of a confidentiality agreement to steer clear of blabbing any sensitive information about Carey in his upcoming book, “Guilty by Association.” Guardo didn’t get back to us.

Maybe producer Mark Sudack, who worked on Mariah’s “E=MC2″, will want to write the foreword for the book. He was heartbroken after Mariah, four years into their secret love affair, unmercifully dumped him and secretly wed Nick Cannon.

Spike Lee 'does the right thing' in France for Forgotten Black WW2 Troops

By POD313

34th Deauville Film Festival: Miracle At St. Anna

September 11, 2008
US director Charles Burnett arrives for the premiere for ‘Miracle At St. Anna’ during the 34th Deauville American Film Festival on September 10, 2008 in Deauville, France.
Miracle At St. Anna will hit theaters nationwide on September 26.
Miracle at St. Anna chronicles the story of four black American soldiers who are members of the US Army as part of the all-black 92nd Buffalo Soldier Division stationed in Tuscany, Italy during World War II.
They experience the tragedy and triumph of the war as they find themselves trapped behind enemy lines and separated from their unit after one of them risks his life to save an Italian boy.
(Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images)

URL: Spike Lee does the right thing in France for forgotten black troops - AFP
DEAUVILLE, France (AFP) — Spike Lee visited a World War II cemetery near France's D-Day landing beaches before presenting the European premiere of his film about the forgotten contribution of African-American soldiers to the war that freed Europe from Nazi tyranny.

"I was surprised to find African-Americans buried there too," he told reporters after his trip to one of the many cemeteries on the Normandy coast where lie thousands of Allied soldiers killed as they stormed ashore in 1944.
The D-Day landings and other epic battles in World War II have been portrayed in countless films but, said the US director, nearly all show only white soldiers engaged in the struggle.

Lee's new film, "Miracle at St. Anna," aims to right that wrong.
"This film debunks the Hollywood mythology of Word War II films in general. That mythology excludes the 1.1 million African-Americans who contributed, fought and died in the war," he said before the premiere Wednesday at the Deauville Festival of American Film.
The 156-minute movie film follows four members of the all-black 92nd "Buffalo Soldier" Infantry Division trapped behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied Italy in 1944.
Both violent and schmaltzy, it portrays the camaraderie of the four men and the ten
sions that emerge between them as they hole up with an Italian family in a Tuscany vilage.

It also details the racism they endured back home in the US and from their white commanders in the battle zone.
Asked about the 2006 French film "Indigenes (Days of Glory)," which like "Miracle at St. Anna" aimed to highlight the important but overlooked role of North African soldiers in the French army, Lee said he had seen and enjoyed that movie.

"That's one of the few examples where a film had an impact on real life. The (North African) veterans finally got the pension that the whites got" because of the extra pressure the movie put on the French government, he said.

"Miracle at St. Anna" is based on a novel by James McBride, who wrote the script for the movie.
The film is the first war film for New York-based Lee as well as the first movie he has made outside the US.
But the 51-year-old has worked in a number of genres and made his name by taking on issues that affect African-Americans in films such as "Jungle Fever," "Malcolm X, or "Do the Right Thing."

He said here Wednesday that his latest work was in "direct lineage from Italian post-war neo-realist works such as 'The Bicycle Thief,' 'Germany Year Zero,' and 'Rome, Open City' in each of which, as in Lee's film, a child features in a prominent role to highlight the futile cruelty of war.

Long seen as an icon of independent US cinema, Lee in 2006 made the big-budget -- and hugely successful -- "Inside Man" bank heist drama, starring Clive Owen and Denzel Washington.
The prospects for "Miracle at St. Anna" might not be so rosy if some of the first reviews are to be heeded.
The Hollywood Reporter trade magazine slammed it as "an unsavoury blend of the sentimental and melodramatic.

The Irish Times, also basing its review on the world premiere at the Toronto film festival last weekend, called it "a plodding film unwisely over-stretched to close on three hours.
"Lee's film pales in comparison with the award-winning 2006 movie, Indigenes," the paper's film critic said

Will 'Soul Men' Be The Real Deal ? - Peep The Trailer Here

Now that the trailer for the upcoming Bernie Mac/Samuel L. Jackson film Soul Men has been officially released, and we get a chance to see the stars in action, all of the sadness surrounding the deaths of both Mac and soul legend Isaac Hayes can somewhat be replaced with a celebration of one of their final pieces of work (Mac did complete another film, the Robin Williams comedy Old Dogs, which is due next year).

And better yet, the discussion can begin as to whether the film will actually be any good. In case you aren't aware, Soul Men is the story of two estranged soul singers (Jackson and Mac) who reunite to honor their deceased band leader. The band's name? The Real Deal.

Last month, in an interview with USA Today, director Malcolm Lee said he felt the pressure of "creating a fitting farewell" to the actors.

After peeping the trailer, I'm actually looking forward to paying the money to see the film when it hits theaters November 14th. Check it below and let us know if you think the film will be the real deal.


New York, NY Roots Reggae's Legendary trio The Mediations, 80's Dancehall crooning sensations Michael Palmer and Johnny Osbourne and smooth vocalist and musician Ed Robinson are joining popular

New York media personality Michelle 'Micheboo' Thompson in taking a stand against police brutality. On Tuesday, September 16th at New York's City's famous SOBs night club, Micheboo will be hosting the artists in a fundraising event dubbed 'REGGAE FOR JUSTICE,' in benefit for her 24-year-old son who is currently at Ward's Island Psychiatric Center, suffering severe damage to the head, neck, back, and legs after being savagely beaten by police officers from New York City's 112th Precinct in the Forest Hills section of Queens.

On the evening of June 6th, Isus Thompson was sitting in a playground on Austin Street in Forest Hills, alone. According to Micheboo, he was leaving the park, when he was approached by an officer who ordered him to go back into the park. He went back into the park with the officer, as the officer looked around to secure the park. As they were exiting the park, the officer escorted him to the squad car where he was frisked and search. The officer called for back up, which is when Isus demanded that he hadn't done anything wrong and, in a panic, ran. After being cornered, according to Isus, approximately 10 police officers hurled racial slurs at him and proceeded to ferociously beat him with fists and nightsticks. He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital in a semi-catatonic state, and over three months later, remains hospitalized with severe physical and psychological injuries.

"Today is a good day, tomorrow is a bad day," states Micheboo of her son's present condition, suggesting that the trauma to his head has lead to some mental instability. "It's destroying me to see my son like this."

"It's hard to know that the people who are supposed to protect us, turn around and brutalize your child," a very emotional Micheboo continues, maintaining that Isus was a very good child who never gave her any trouble. "So, he was in the park after curfew--give him a ticket, write him a summons! They didn't have to do this to my son."

When approached about the fundraising concert, The Meditations, known for hits like "Woman is Like A Shadow," and "Woman Piabba," Johnny Osbourne ("Buddy Bye," "Ice Cream Love," "Water Pumping"), Michael Palmer ("Lick Shot"), and Ed Robinson, known for his Reggae cover of Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door," all willingly lent their support, as did SOBs founder Larry Gold, who didn't hesitate to donate the venue. Dub poet Ras Atiba, singers Kayla Bliss, Charmaine Dacosta of Worl A Girl fame, Empress Trejah, Shango Trex, and Marcia Davis are also donating their services to the benefit event along with NY's famed Ruff Stuff and Cannabis Cup Reggae bands.

"The fundraiser is to assist with healthcare issues, and for the upcoming legal battle with the NYPD that lies ahead," states Micheboo.

The REGGAE FOR JUSTICE Benefit Concert will be held at 7pm on Tuesday, September 16th at SOBs (204 Varick Street in NYC). The event will also feature a Reggae Market Place with merchandise, and food, provided by Katashes and Barry's Jerk Delight, for sale. Donations start at $20. All proceeds will aid Isus Thompson's defense and medical care.

Event sponsors include SOBs, Keeling Records, WVIP 93.5FM, Yardmanstyle Clothing, The Eye Collection Clothing, Riddim Driven/VP Records, Katashes, Barry's Jerk Delight, and Ms. Raine Inc.

MC Breed Needs A Kidney - Please Get Tested to Save a Legend

MC BreedFlint Rapper will likely need kidney transplant after health scare
Flint MI Rapper MC Breed is recovering after he’d been placed on life support due to kidney failure this past weekend.
The performer, who did jail time this year for failing to pay child support, reportedly collapsed while playing basketball in Atlanta. Breed was said to have been close to death and is still relying on just 30 percent usage of his kidneys. The rapper’s handlers are reportedly organizing efforts to support a benefit and possible transplant operation. He’s expected to remain in the hospital for a week or longer, while under observation.

published: Thursday | September 11, 2008

Brian Bonitto, Acting Entertainment Editor

Fung poses next to his painting, which won top spot in the Manifest Hope Gallery Competition in Denver, Colorado, last month. - contributed

With his brush, Phil Fung painted a picture of hope, change, patriotism and progress. In doing so, he took the top spot in the Manifest Hope Gallery Competition in Denver, Colorado, last month.
His 'masterpiece' was displayed at the Democratic National Convention in Denver from August 24 to 28.
The panel of judges, which consisted of curators from the Guggenheim and the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, saw Fung's entry as the top offering.
"I was shocked when I learnt that I won," said the American-born Fung, whose parents are from Jamaica.
"It really did not sink in until all the phone calls kept coming in," said the 28-year-old Florida resident.
Strong statement
The pop-art painter, who operates a studio in Miami, said that he heard of the competition through a friend, and entered. His submission, one of 1,200, was chosen as symbolising the themes of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign.
"It felt really good," the artist said. He explained that in arriving at the concept, he decided to make a strong statement.
"I chose colours that expressed vibrancy," he said. "Obama is larger than life."
Fung, who holds a master's in art education, said that Obama, whose father is Kenyan and mother a white American, is an "amazing person".
"He has gotten me and the world excited ... we just have to wait and see," he said.
Obama, a senator from Illinois, will face the Republican senator John McCain in the presidential election this November.
Good reviews
As for his painting, Fung said that he did not see it on display at the convention as he did not attend, but heard some good reviews.
He said that his winning entry was now being shipped from Colorado back to him in Miami.
"It's already sold," he declared. "It was sold for US$18,000."
Fung said that he plans to donate the money to a New Orleans-based charity, Habitat for Humanity.
"I used to live in New Orleans and lost a studio to [Hurricane] Katrina," he said. "I just want to help in the rebuilding process."
As for the future, Fung said that he will continue painting and wants to do some travelling shows.
"I just don't want to end up starving," he said with a chuckle.

Kanye Hates Flashing Lights……

September 11th, 2008
Whatever you do, don’t take pictures or video of Kanye West at L.A.X.! I knew one of these days homey was going to go ape sh*t over all those flashing lights. According to the Thirty Mile Zone, Mr. West went ballistic while being photographed at an American Airlines terminal at L.A.X. airport. West spotted the photographer who was flicking his flashing lights and grabbed for the apparatus. The photographer then started screaming for the cops in which a struggle ensued. After gaining possession of the camera, Ye smashed it to the ground.
Erik, a cameraman for TMZ.Com who was catching the whole wrestling match, approached Mr. West, but, Kanye’s assistant intervened and grabbed the video camera from Erik when he realized it was still recording. Ye’s assistant yelled, “Give me the camera”, but Erik explained he had press credentials to shoot at the airport (huh???). The assistant, however, didn’t give a damn, grabbed the camera and smashed it to the ground, breaking it to pieces.
After everything went down, Ye and company tried to make a smooth getaway, but of course, LAPD caught up with the Louis Vuitton don before he could board the plane. Authorities interviewed the photographer, Erik, Ye and his assistant. When Police asked Erik if he had footage of the incident, Ye then lunged at Erik yelling, “Give me the fuc*ing tape”. The cops, of course, restrained Kanye from beating Erik to a pulp!
Ye and his assistant were booked on charges of battery and vandalism.

Ciara posed naked to dispelled rumors of her being a man

By Krazy Katty Writer

R&B singer Ciara posed nude on Vibe Magazine cover to dismissed rumors of her being a man.
The 22-year-old singer told Vibe Magazine that, “I was meticulous about the things I would share, but people are gonna say what they wanna say… they said I was a man! It doesn’t get any worse than that.”
But it seems as if Ciara is on naked spree as she recently posed butt naked on her latest CD cover. Industry insiders are saying that the singer is over doing it, while others are saying it might help boost sales.

Who will be next Rihanna or Beyonce?
Photo courtesy of

Janet and Label Turn a 'Def' Ear to One Another

By POD313
URL: Janet and Label Turn a 'Def' Ear to One Another
How fitting is it that Janet Jackson added LL Cool J, another Def Jam artist and one due to depart, to her tour? They should almost be calling it the "Eff Def Jam" tour, since Janet has recently revealed "I don't know what the future holds between the two of us. I can't say if we'll be working with them in the future." What, exactly, is going on in the great Towers of Def Jam?

And what were Def Jam and Janet expecting from each other? To get by on reputation alone? I'll be the first to submit that it wasn't just someone that didn't do his/her job, it was everyone. Why was Discipline released so quickly after 20YO? Why were Jimmy & Terry not involved? Why was the "Feedback" video so bloody awful and why was "LUV" not released as a single/video? The execution and promotion of Discipline should be used as an example of what not to do when you want an established artist to be profitable.
Love you, Penny, but that whole thing was bad business all around. [SR]

Atention FREAKS - U CAN BUY Michael Jackson’s Dirty Draws For a cool 1 Million on EBAY Today

Michael Jackson’s underwear up for sale

Now you can know Michael Jackson like few fans have ever known him before: On-line shoppers who visit e-Bay may come across his Calvin Klein underwear. Though reportedly unwashed, the briefs come in a freshly sealed bag: They were taken as evidence by the Santa Barbara district attorney in 2003 when the singer faced child molestation charges. New Jersey businessman Henry Vacarro bought the unmentionables in a bankruptcy-related sale. No word on whether Vacarro called Mike to be sure he owns another pair.

A pair of Michael Jackson’s unwashed grinders will go up for sale on eBay tomorrow with a reserve price of $1 million dollars.
Michael JacksonThe underwear, size-28 Calvin Klein Calvin Klein tighty-whities, were confiscated in 2003 by the Santa Barabara DA who was after a DNA sample of Jackson’s to use as evidence in the child molestation case against the King of Pop.
The underwear will be sent to the winner in an evidence bag sealed with police tape.
The owner of the briefs, New Jersey businessman Henry Vacarro, obtained the underwear and other Jackson items in a bankruptcy case.
Also being auctioned off is a handwritten annulment from ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley and a used tube of skin-bleaching cream.

Store Sues Oprah’s Mom For $150K

September 4th, 2008
A Milwaukee store filed a lawsuit against Vernita Lee, the mother of billionaire Oprah Winfrey, claiming the talk show host’s mom is behind on her bill of more than $150,000.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Oprah and momA high-end Brookfield fashion store is suing over a past-due bill of more than $150,000 run up by a customer whose perks, the store says, included private showings and delivery service. The customer: Oprah Winfrey’s mother.
Vernita Lee of Milwaukee has had an open-ended charge account with Valentina since January 2004, the civil complaint says.

It says Lee racked up a bill of $155,547.31 in purchases and interest as of July 1, and that she was required to make a minimum monthly payment of $2,000 to the store. Valentina attorney Joseph Niebler Sr. said Wednesday that Lee stopped making the monthly payments. He said the store tried to resolve the bill before filing the lawsuit in Waukesha County Circuit Court and continues to pursue a resolution out of court.

“There isn’t any ill will; it’s a matter of contract,” Niebler said.
The lawsuit says that Lee has told store officials she does not believe she owes the money. Reached by telephone, Lee declined to comment about the case. Her Milwaukee attorney, Nathan Fishbach, did not return a phone call. She also has two Chicago-based attorneys, Steve Gistenson and Michelle Schindler.
Her famous daughter was not available for comment, according to a representative from her Harpo Productions company in Chicago.
Lee has until a Sept. 19 hearing to answer the complaint. A non-binding mediation session is scheduled for Sept. 16, court records say.

Star Jones is now 200lbs LIGHTER

Her Divorce is Final; from Al


I-riginal 100%GalBassed RooticalTruth
I would like to know why he’s pissed - at least he didn’t get sued like Terry McMillans Thang.. he came into this unholyweird union without anything. everything was provided for him; even his BEARD. Al Shut Up Please, Before We Start looking into Who YOU ARE.
Starletta Jones-Reynolds Reaches Divorce Settlement with Her Metrosexual Al Reynolds  Al Girl, Why You Mad if You Didnt Bring a Pot to Piss In
TV personality Star Jones has settled her divorce from her husband of nearly four years, Al Reynolds.
The former “The View” talk show host, 46, filed for divorce on March 26 at Manhattan’s Supreme Court in New York, and it was subsequently labeled an “uncontested matrimonial” case by officials.
According to the New York Post, the settlement came just moments before the pair was set to appear in court.
A source tells the newspaper Reynolds was allegedly upset with the prenuptial agreement he signed, leaving him “basically nothing,” though he relented to avoid higher court costs.
A spokesperson for Jones said the former couple “have reached an amicable settlement in their divorce proceeding. … Both parties are moving on with their private lives.”
Jones and Reynolds wed on November 13, 2004, in a lavish New York City ceremony, which came under scrutiny after she plugged the nuptials’ corporate sponsors at length on her talk show.

September 10, 2008 –
STAR Jones is finally free of her freeloading hubby. Jones and Al Reynolds reached a last-minute settlement yesterday, moments before they were set to appear in court. Reynolds was said to be upset with the airtight prenup he signed, which left him with “basically nothing,” sources said - but finally relented to avoid court costs. A rep for Jones said the two “have reached an amicable settlement in their divorce proceeding . . . Both parties are moving on with their private lives.” Jones has been happily dating hunky chef Herb Wilson.

Star kiss
I love that Star Jones, pictured here smooching at the U.S Open, has a new man in her life - and one that appears to be a real man. What may not be good for her is that he’s a chef

Beyoncé Shows Off $5M Engagement Ring

By Antoinette Y. Coulton
beyonce_knowles240.jpgJay-Z sure knows how to pick the bling!

All eyes were on Beyoncé Friday night, when, for the first time, the singer publicly displayed her engagement ring on the red carpet for Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall in N.Y.C.

The singer, 27, who secretly married rapper Jay-Z in April, flashed an 18 carat flawless diamond by Lorraine Schwartz, valued at more than $5 million dollars, according to the jeweler.

Neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z have publicly confirmed their marriage but in recent weeks, Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange referred to Jay-Z as her brother-in-law during a television interview.

Later in the evening, Beyoncé took off the ring for a performance where she donned a short, blonde wig in tribute to blues singer Etta James whom she portrays in an upcoming movie.

The star-studded event included appearances by Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Tommy Hilfiger, Hayden Panettiere, Paula Abdul, Fergie, Ciara, Natasha Bedingfield, Chris Brown, Terrance Howard, Justin Timberlake and Chace Crawford.

New Book Coming Soon Bob Marley: A Life
Sep 11, 2008

Bob Marley
A Life

By Garry Steckles
"Of all the millions of words written about the Jamaican Rasta reggae hero, this book encapsulates the most concise and complete information about Marley If you have never heard or read about Bob Marley, this book is the best place to begin…. For someone like myself who knew Marley personally and has read nearly everything ever written about him, the book makes me feel like I'm reading about Bob Marley for the first time… If you want to place a Marley biography in your library, this is the one to buy."
—Barbara Makeda Blake Hannah, Rastafarian scholar and journalist

One of the twentieth century's most iconic cultural figures, Bob Marley was responsible for popularizing reggae music throughout the world. His concerts set attendance records that still stand today, and his 1977 Exodus album was hailed by Time magazine as the greatest album of the 20th century. His unique blend of politically conscious lyrics and unforgettable melodies won him legions of fans far beyond the Caribbean. But Marley was no mere pop star: his strong attachment to Rasta beliefs, and his fierce hostility to the injustice of "Babylon" made him an important spokesperson for the dispossessed all over the globe.

In this fresh new biography, Garry Steckles follows Marley's eventful life through the early days in rural Jamaica; his arrival in Kingston, the first recordings and performances, his spectacular rise to international superstardom, and his untimely death. Throughout, he analyzes Marley's political and religious beliefs, while also concentrating on his relationships with fellow musicians, family, and influential figures. He documents Marley's often turbulent relationships with reggae legends like studio pioneer Clement "Coxson" Dodd, fellow Wailers Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, and the wildly eccentric producer Lee "Scratch" Perry; introduces behind-the-scenes legends like Island Records founder Chris Blackwell and the volatile PR genius Charles Comer, and takes you on the Rasta roller coaster that carried Marley to international status and the cover of Rolling Stone. A chapter focusing on Marley's long-term legacy explores what the musician contributed to world music and what the religious believer gave to Rastafari.

Garry Steckles has had a long career as a newspaper editor in the US, England, Canada, and Barbados. He has written about reggae and all aspects of Caribbean culture in major newspapers and magazines in North America, the UK, Canada, and the Caribbean.

We would like to ask - "What Kind of Fool Is He" ?

$37,000 party entry fee - LA Lewis plans extravagant launch for new song

Dancehall enigma LA Lewis is at it again. The self proclaimed seven-star general is planning an extravagant launch party for his new single Greatest Queen.
But don't think for a second that this is a free-for-all kind of event. Without an invitation, media or VIP pass, it will cost $37,000 to get in. That's right, $37,000.

To the average person, this will seem absurd, but Lewis, who describes himself as anything but average, believes it will be well worth it. After all, the deejay claims that the queen of England, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, is expected to send a representative, legendary opera singer Curtis Watson will perform and the finest wines and Jamaican cuisine will be available.

The calibre of the event, he says, justifies the outrageous price tag. He said: "The kind of people that we're inviting and the people that are coming, dat is likkle bit a money."

Lewis, who gained popularity after his name was plastered on several walls islandwide, told THE STAR that the single will be a 'historic' one as being so 'close' to the queen, he managed to achieve a feat that no one has ever accomplished. "This is the first time ever the queen's voice will be on a song. We used her voice to do the intro," he said.
Constant dialogue

But Lewis' alleged reach does not stop there. He confidently and proudly told THE STAR that he was in constant dialogue with the queen herself and she was well aware of the event and the single being promoted in her honour.

While residents of her own country can only walk by Buckingham Palace and pose for pictures or read about her in the local papers, Lewis says that he can stay in Jamaica, pick up his phone and call the queen's office directly. He added: "We just call straight a Buckingham Palace. Time magazine, the British High Commission and everybody is aware of the party."

In spite of the incredibly exorbitant price tag, Lewis told THE STAR that the event has over 200 confirmed guests who have already collected their passes.

All guests will receive a complimentary copy of the single which was recorded by himself, Movie Star Gabrilliant and Lady EQ, as well as a one-of-a-kind token - a miniature British flag.
Those planning to stop by are encouraged to go early unless they don't mind watching the action on a screen downstairs, while the event takes place in the ballroom of the Olympia Crown Hotel. The event is set for September 12 at 7 p.m.

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