Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Need a Lady D Government !!! - Meet Our Prime Minister Lady D

Meet Our Partner in Atlanta - LADY D

The Queen of Atlanta Reggae Radio

Diana “Lady D” Williams was born on July 12 in Jamaica, West Indies. Lady D and her family moved to Bronx, New York where her love of music and mixing in basement and local block parties open a door to a whole other world of entertaining. She was mixing and playing with the best and credits Sister Carol, for being instrumental in her music choice by given her the first opportunity to perform as a reggae artist. 
Lady D started her flow as a reggae artist by playing and mixing music at family and friends’ events in New York City.  After relocating to Georgia in 1990, she continued to impress many local DJs with her old school, rub-a-dub style.  As Lady D’s music continues to gain more exposure, she found herself playing at large parties, events and weddings. Lady D not only loves music, but she has a passion for people and provides quality care and service for the mentally and physically challenged within her community. 
Lady D’s passion for music has evolved throughout the years and while songs and rhymes have changed, Lady D continues to play the music that takes you to a place where lovers go, that crews battle to and that the girls skin-out to. Music is universal and is the heart and soul of our culture and Lady D is the ambassador. 
Lady D and Mama ASID  Co-produce both Entertainment Suss and Political Susu; for her show on WGFS 1430am in Atlanta. Twice a week - the two powerhouses rake over the world's Political and Entertainment News.  with a lil caribbean spice and lots of woman based common sense the world's news finally makes sense. the MommaGals don't tolerate nonsense and get to the bottom quickly; no holds barred in a pg format.  this news show is a joint production of BadGalsRadio; and WGFS Atl.

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