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No Food, Locked Toilets and then they switched off the air conditioning on the airplane..WHAT ?

Airlines passengers in the United States are supposedly protected by the new Passenger Bill of Rights. This is the report that came out right after it was passed into law by the Senate in 2009. again this law happened because the 99% (the trapped passengers) stood up to and defeated the 1% (the airlines).
The Senate was forced to pass this act in 2009. Mainly because of the many incidents where passengers rights were ignored during weather emergencies. Youtube is a repository of all the videos uploaded by frustrated passengers trapped on airplanes; who demanded something be done about their false imprisonment.
Watch this mans encounter with the TSA, for doing what ?
This man did nothing and he is within his legal rights as a passenger to demand clarity on what's happening. he is also within his rights to stream this harrassment directly to Youtube so everyone can see it exactly as it happened - without editing. This man is a passenger and not a criminal - so why is this happening to this passenger. What happened to the Fouth Amendment ?

The bill calls for a fine of $27,500. per passenger per incident. This fine was intended to make the airlines pay for their disregard of the passengers rights. We're waiting to see what they'll do to Jet Blue after this weekends horrendous incident in Connecticut. Somehow we think that Jet Blue will find a way out of the fine; and the passengers rights will have been trounced once again sadly.

This past weekend it happened again, but the twist is that it happened in the US and also in the UK. Yes the UK has now entered the passenger bill of rights fight. a whole airplane full of passengers were so angry with their chartered airlines - Viking Hellas; that they decided to take action right then and there.

The passengers actually decided on action and staged an ON Plane Sit In

WOW.. that's the first time we've heard of the passengers actually taking control of the airplane by refusing to deplane and demanding compensation for their mistreatment.
We Salute the folks who were on that Viking Hellas flight and wish them strength in their fight. There is never a time when peoples rights should be so clearly ignored.
In the US, the problem was that the air carrier refused to meet the two hour window for deplaning passengers; in the event of a flight cancellation.
These folks were trapped on the tarmac looking at the airport a couple hundred feet away. It makes us wonder if the airplane was on fire and it was during a snow storm; if the passengers would have eventually been deplaned - using Jet Blues' logic. yeah.
We hear that the only reason that the shit didn't start flying through the air onto the flight crew was because they LOCKED the bathrooms.
Yes you read right. Keep reading and get yourself a dose of why we fly on commercial airlines as little as possible these days. Even after visiting more than 40 countries mostly by airplane - we can see that there's bullshit up in the air and we're standing clear of it.

Viking Hellas Clearly Your Tail is Draggin ..

First the UK Passenger Sit In

Passengers stage sit-in on plane at Birmingham Airport

Some 100 passengers staged a sit-in on a plane at Birmingham Airport refusing to get off for several hours.
The Viking Hellas flight was originally scheduled to leave from Manchester for Athens at 13:00 BST, but passengers were then taken by bus to Birmingham.
They boarded a plane due to leave at 17:00, but were then told to get off, which they refused to do.
At about 01:30 BST they finally agreed to leave and left the airport by bus to return to Manchester.
West Midlands Police boarded the plane during the dispute.
A police spokesman said: "It was just a civil dispute and the police were there monitoring the situation to make sure it didn't get out of hand."
He said there had been "an issue between the airline and the passengers".
A passenger named Dorota said the flight had been chartered and they were originally due to fly on Friday, 21 October.
She said: "People are hungry. They have not eaten since this morning.
"The air conditioning has been switched off and it is getting hot. The airline will not give us food, only water."
She later said: "We decided to leave the plane because there was no point in staying on there.
"We are going home. We have got a letter from Viking Hellas and we can get a refund."
The letter said the plane could not take off due to unforeseen circumstances, she said.
No-one has been available for comment from Viking Hellas.

No Food, and then they switched off the air conditioning on the airplane..

ooohhhh Viking Hellas you did a very bad thing. You are going to have to pay for this big time. Clearly the fact that they bussed the passengers from Manchester and then Back was the first indication that they were having real issues.
The passengers will no doubt end up in court with the airlines; and win. The Airline however will end up being absorbed into another low cost carriers fleets and the incident will be another teaching moment for both Passengers, and members of the Travel Industry. This is a great part of why we left the corporate travel environment when we did. The air carriers were already beginning to show their hatred for the industry and the passengers.
Travel Industry confidence levels are at an all time low now. This next incident in the United States shows us why the federal bill was put into action. No One regardless of why; should ever be trapped on an airplane in clear view of the terminal.
I've personally been trapped on an airplane in Miami during a power outage; and we were forced to sit on the airplane and watch as our connecting flights took off without us. This was before the airlines passenger bill of rights was passed. but still the situation happens everyday, somewhere in the world; and passengers are paying more and more for less and less.
This is an illustration of why the US Travel Industry is no longer growing. It has reached the point of stagnation as it's basically destroyed by the airlines in their fare schemes. No where should this happen to anyone - ever.

How the Hell do you charge me for Carrying My Bag With Me ?

Spirit started this BS in 2010 with this first attack on passengers. Now it's compadres have escalated to charging for everything from backpacks, to baby strollers to diaper bags. Who the Fuck travels with a baby and no diapers ?

Talk about a Cheap Shot - Airlines You Are The Real Shylocks, Face It.

Fun and Cheap this was not - Jet Blue You Are Probably THROUGH -

‘Confluence of Events’ Led to Plane’s Stranding on Tarmac, JetBlue Says

Passengers on the plane that took off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at about 9 a.m. yesterday were stuck on the tarmac in Connecticut for more than seven hours after the flight was diverted, the Associated Press reported.
One passenger said the last hours were spent without food or water and the restrooms were unusable. The wire service said the plane was bound for Newark, New Jersey.
JetBlue, in a statement today, said it was uncertain how long any of its planes remained on the tarmac. The airline said that six of its flights were diverted to the Hartford area due to “infrastructure issues” at airports in the New York area.
“We have seen media reports of a lack of provisions onboard and our internal information does not correlate with those reports,” the statement said.
New York-based JetBlue said the airport “experienced intermittent power outages,” which made refueling and deplaning difficult.
John Wallace, a spokesman for Bradley International Airport, didn’t respond to a request for comment by telephone and e-mail.
More than 3.8 million homes and businesses from West Virginia to Maine were without power this weekend after the region’s biggest October storm in decades blanketed some towns with 31 inches of snow.
In Connecticut, 800,935 customers were without service this afternoon, surpassing the outages caused by Hurricane Irene in August. Hartford set an October snow record with 12.3 inches (31 centimeters).
Jet Blue you know you are totally wrong -
“We have seen media reports of a lack of provisions onboard and our internal information does not correlate with those reports,” the statement said.

WTF are You Really Talking About Jet Blue ?

Your internal data didn't correspond with the information given to you from the scene.


No Air Carrier ever knows exactly what they have on-board because it shifts depending upon which base refills and cleans the airplane.
Sorry air carriers I'm going to give away one of your dirty little secrets now..
FYI Passengers, When airplanes are cleaned and restocked at their various slots, the crews who restock never remove the old on-board goods because they are left as extras; for use in case of shortages or special needs. Any boo boo knows that Jet Blue; Including Travel Agents and Passengers. (side-eye)

And Locking The Toilets ?

Oh Hey that ones so easy that we can answer it in one plop of the poop.
Remember folks this is 2011 - they can roll a waste truck up underneath the plane and attach a waste stack tube to the airplane during De-Icing - so they can certainly do it during a 7 hour entrapment.

No Go Jet Blue you are Fulla Shit Literally

We believe that when the nickle and diming of airlines passengers began; there was a general intention to retrain the passenger mindset to believe that every part of their experience had to be purchased.


Airlines you made a staggering amount of money this year because of your vanity increases. So maybe now it's time to count some of that out to your overcharged passengers.

United, US Airways manage profits despite fuel rally

The third-quarter results conclude the earnings season on a mostly positive note for major U.S. airlines and reflect a newfound ability to manage capacity, one analyst said.
"There's no signs of weakness yet," said Helane Becker, an analyst with Dahlman Rose & Co. "What you're seeing across the board for the group in general is pretty positive."
The airline industry is on the mend after a decade-long downturn that sent several carriers into bankruptcy. But even as soaring fuel costs and economic gloom threaten to disrupt the recovery, carriers have managed the plight effectively by cutting the number of seats they sell when times get rough.
Watch This from the CEO of Spirit Airlines and tell us if you win
Thats why we are asking our readers to think twice before you purchase an airlines ticket for pleasure. consider other methods of transport and then decide which one works best for you. Into your personal considerations add these factors :
1. being charged for things like no being able to bring your own water onto the airplane; even it it's for medical use. or your own prepumped baby milk to feed your breast fed baby. yeah babies are also targeted by the air carriers.
Please Mothers and Fathers look at what the TSA did to this Mother who was totally within the guidelines set forth by the TSA and in fact Holding A Copy of the Guidelines in her hand when being Falsly Imprisoned and then totally having her rights violated by the TSA.
Now if that doens't get you to thinking - a Mother with Breast Milk? Treated Like She is a Criminal for Carrying Her Childs Milk ?
2. being charged for your baggage - when it's already factored into the price of your weight allowance as a passenger. Why are you paying twice for something you've already paid for ?

3. being frisked and investigated by the TSA which are not a federal law enforcement agency; but the private contractors of the airlines themselves.

They are not able to arrest you nor are they enforcing any laws. they are there strictly to enforce the fear factor of the over zealous corporate air carriers who want to shake you down for every bit of dignity you have; both ways. Watch This BS and Decide if You're Interested in Being Investigated for Traveling Legally
4. being over extended in every way you can be, by having to be investigated as though you are a criminal - for your leisure time purchase. Who else asks you why you are paying cash when you walk up to the counter to make a purchase and then has a problem if you don't give them Your Credit Card as a secondary form of Identification ?
watch this and decide if you are ready for somebody to decide if you are a criminal - and then violate your rights in the name of what ?
Hello America - Credit Cards Are Not Identification - so why is the air carrier asking you for yours ?
Co'mon Airlines - The Passenger is your revenue source; start treating them like customers instead of tricks..

Passengers remember Tricks are for Kids - and your purchase clearly indicated that you are not a kid. therefore it's time that the real power be shifted back into the hands of those who should be calling the shots - the passengers. because honestly speaking, until the passenger is again in charge; travel will be going now were.
We have a video that we're sure expresses the feelings of these passengers who were trapped by these air carriers this weekend - of course it's the Real Peoples Anthem - so hit it Rev DMX - Cause we
know you know.

They gon make somebody loose they mind Up In There - Up In There..

Now Fly That By Your Control Tower Why Don'tcha,


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