Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hey JLP What Really Agwan - Tivoli Stories Pt. Six Asks The Questions


 This Video is all about the Five Questions that tell us whats' really going on in Jamaicas' Parliament right now

There is no doubt that if you have been watching the situation with Christopher "Dudus" Coke; you know that there is was a cross to bear and Tivoli Jesus has been duly sacrificed.

This past week it was reported that Dudus has pled guilty to charges of Racketeering and will be sentenced in December 2011. This means that he alone will bear the burden for the crimes of the entire JLP; and Their all knowing and presently standing MP and Parliament.

It saddens us that most of the people of Jamaica have yet to get answers to these straight forward questions. How long can the JLP continue to rule Parliament when they also sign on the line that sacrifices lives so freely ?
  1. How Did the US Wire Tap the Entire Nation of Jamaica for more than a year ?
  2. Who Was the Head Racketeer in Tivoli Gardens
  3. Who gave the order to extradite a citizen to a foreign country for crimes in that third country that the extradited citizen couldn't have committed since he had never before set foot in the third country ?
  4. Who is responsible fo the wanton slaughter of citizens in his constituency by those on his payroll ?
  5. Who Really Runs Jamaica Now ?
Yes Jamaica We Are Asking The Questions As Journalists - since our in island colleagues are unable to. Like You we realize that someone has to make it public or we will all die wondering/secretly knowing.

So Tell Us Parliament Will You - Jamaica Deserves Answers Now,

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