Monday, September 19, 2011

Detroit Is The Spot - High Times Brings the Glory

Our very own "Beezy" from the Four Twenty Times on Tumblr will be there taking in all the action; and of course the winners cup on Saturday Nite.
Detroit Hosts the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 2011 - October 15 - 16, 2011
It's rumored that Snoop Dogg or even boy wonder Wiz Khalifa could be the guest entertainment, and you know we couldn't miss that. besides who would want to miss the awards ceremony where you get to see the top growers, and the top strains in the Michigan market. This is the information that michigan patients and caregivers will be relying upon for the next year; to establish the market standard. Michigan is under the gun in the court system to clean up it's legislation and language. hopefully this event will bring together big minds and put the compassion issue back on the front page.

BadGalsRadio will be there to bring you the play by play judging of the various strains entered in the awards. And Yes, We will have a Certified Michigan Medical Marijuana Card User in attendance to give us the full review of the strains, waxes, oils and other medical marijuana products. We believe that the only way to have a fair assessment is to participate in the judging, of the best local producers offerings.

Check it all out here —>

This is a Run Down of all the action - for Medical Cannabis Cup 2011
The HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup is coming to Detroit on October 15th and 16th! That’s right. The world’s premier medical marijuana competition will be in Motown to celebrate the cannabis economy of the Great Lakes State!

It’s a two-day expo at Bert’s Warehouse Theater showcasing the Michigan medical marijuana industry and the merchandise that makes the machine go!

There’ll be seminars with leaders of the medical-marijuana movement: doctors, patients, researchers, growers, dispensary owners, and activists. Plus, HIGH TIMES’ own cultivation editors, Danny Danko and Nico Escondido will roll into town with the goods on growing great ganja.

Be there for an amazing Saturday-night VIP party featuring top musical performances and special guests! Best of all HIGH TIMES will award the Medical Cannabis Cup for the top indicas, sativas, hybrids, concentrates and edibles entered by Michigan’s dispensaries and collectives.
Come to Bert’s Warehouse Theater on October 15-16. Visit for all the details. Celebrate cannabis in Michigan. Celebrate the resurgence of Detroit! Be part of the growing cannabis community.
"Be Sure To Stop By and Say High"


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