Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MAD Wifey Says Wednesday - déplacez la chienne, sortez la manière

déplacez la chienne, sortez la manière

which translates to - Move Bitch - Get Out The Way

- Simone Gbagbo

Says former first lady of Ivory Coast on her husbands' reluctance to move on from his loss as President of Ivory Coast. we saw it in a dream this morning.. hence the name MAD Wife Says Wednesday

yeah it's another one of our twisted fantasy reposts; butterahhh we're sure she would say it if given a chance.

No she didn't actually say it but we can imagine from the look on her face, she's thinking it. that's all we have to say about the shituation with gbagbo.

Here's His GTFO Soundtrack - courtesy of Ludacris'

Yeah, Bitch Move - Get Out The way
I won the election and I am not negotiating my departure” - says Ivory Coast’s strongman leader Laurent Gbagbo.

Gbagbo has holed up in a bunker defiantly maintaining he won the election four months ago even as troops backing the internationally recognised winner encircled the presidential residence. (Read More)
Okay so he says hes' not bout it bout it; and we all bout it bout it. So that settles it. I'm asking that he gets a wake up tweet from our super defensive twitter friends @DrunkenPredator.and his lil buddy @PartyReaper  oh hell to the yeahhh, we've already made friends with all the bad missiles and planes we could find on twitter.  don't make us prove it gbagbo.

You Betta get ta steppin Shante'

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