Thursday, March 3, 2011

boy are the catwalks crowded these days ..

when all else fails we believe, turn to fashion.

Yes it's really the Gadhafi Style Files, where we've reached back and given you a real view of the hottest man in the news.

Don't you just hate his hat game ? it's ridiculous. no we really mean, it's ridiculous. and his sunshades are mad fabulous. we believe that like Posh Spice he has the most wicked stylist team in the game. the suits, the hair, the facial bleaching. wow it even looks like he's hired Reggie Wells for one shot to get his contour on. No doubt he's got enough greasy ducats to hire Oprah, Gail and The Donald Trumps to do his promo if he really wanted to.

buttterahhhhhhh hold on just wait one micro mini minute here - didn't he just get taxed up the thong by Black Jesus of the Beltway ? ooooohhhhyeah, they put his reachable ducats on ice. so that means he's only rollin with the treasury of Libya in a big ass birken bag. wonder if the Amazing Amazons and Nurse Snow White will be on this tour ? or if he's doing the damn thang unplugged ?

who knows, with style like this - even Christian Gallaneos will be front row. but for us trendwatchers; we'd like a splitscreen from the hague finally. 

Everyone knows the house of orange can afford it. we must see the Chuckles Taylor show, because who could miss a live poodle slaughter. grasp the pearls girls, Bravo may nut up and actually let our girls Nene Leaks and Sheree "who gon check me boo" Whitfield commentate the shows.

We can hardly wait. looks like style tevee is finally getting good again,
Uhhhhhhhmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (to quote Phaedra Parks)

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