Saturday, March 12, 2011

OMG Is Right - heres' what to do in the shortterm to protect yourself

Such a pretty mess isn't it ? This is Cesium 137

Watch at the 0:47 mark when the roof of the reactor building explodes.

2:00am 03/12/2011 - It's Now Been Confirmed - Japan has a big nuclear problem. Deadly Toxic Radioactive Cesium Is Leaking which indicates a meltdown of the core. The Nuclear Reactor is damaged and leaking Cesium 137.

Do You Remember Chernobyl

We Do... and because of chernobyl's meltdown many people have died and are dying slowly of many types of conditions which result from exposure to radiation.
just take a look at these after effects :

There are steps to protect yourself and keep safe during these following days

you might not be thinking about it in a broad enough scope - so let us remind you that the air we breathe travels around the planet. that means that the radioactive steam which escaped from the nuclear facilities in Japan on 03/11/2011 will be coming your way soon.

according to what we've read, the planet rotates completely once every 24 hrs. that means we'll all get a dose within the first 24 hrs after the release of the radioactive steam.

Steam is water right ?

so that means what goes up, must come down. where-else but into our groundwater, food plants and soil. if you eat, drink water, breathe air during the next 7 days you'll probably get a mini dose of Radioactive waste.

This is what can we do to help reduce the effects on our systems
1. drink purified bottled water which was bottled at least a week before this nuclear accident. you want to be sure it's safe; so that means better safe than sorry. also use a triple stage water filter on your tap to help remove heavy metals which are carriers of toxins and possibly larger doses of radiation.

2. Do not eat fresh fruit, grains or vegetables from the area of the accident. from what we've read actually, it's suggested that you not eat any vegetables which may take in the particulate from the rain, or snow within the next several months.

3. Avoid proteins from the affected regions and especially fish stocks which could originate from the east sea. the dumping of radioactive steam meant that a drizzle of rain was immediate and caused immediate toxicity in the fish in the waters surrounding the nuclear plants. the fish and food animals are eating food that has been exposed to the radioactive fall out. that means that whatever eats it will get a secondary dose of the same radiation. in the case of milk; it goes into the fat layer of the animal and also the person who drinks the toxic milk. that means that children who rely mostly on milk will be particularly at risk. this is a good reason to breastfeed your children.

4. it's suggested that you Do not drink milk or eat eggs from the affected areas because they will also have the same chance of toxicity as everything else which has been exposed to the radioactive steam and rain fall out.

5. And most of all - it's suggested that you spend as less time OUTDOORS as possible. this will help to minimize your exposure and possible after effects to the toxic rain. if you must go out, don't do it when it's raining - when it's windy; or snowing. Also be sure you wear clothes which cover your skin, face, head and feet to minimize your contact with the radioactive toxins.
we cannot be sure of the levels of radiation in the atmosphere presently because the steam is still venting; thereby adding to the toxic soup in our airstream. we belive they won't really tell us the extent of the release, but we believe any release of Cesium is toxic and poses a potentially longterm danger to the environment globally.

This is why our pantry and freezer are on jam literally. because unlike some predictions, we chose to ignore this one was spot on.

Please leave your impressions of the situation in our comments and we'll be updating this post over the next few days with more about the cloud.

we think that everyone needs to assume an investigative hive mentality on this problem. so that we can keep the flow of free information wide and consistently updated.

Remember, Radioactivity Is NOT Your Friend so ditch those microwaves while you still can.
Live Green and Pass It On,

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