Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Ahead Hug a Fool This week, they may hug ya back

Many of you may never have seen this piece. it's a classic interview video from the 1980's entitled How One Black Man Defeated the KKK. the man who is being interviewed is Johnny. he's the klansman who was defeated by this marvelous Old Black Preacher - Rev Wade Watts.  even after the klan burned down this Preachers Church, he still showed em his best character.  the lesson in this is that you never know what a person may do to you, but you can always think before you return the gesture.  it doesn't take much to realize that an angry fool is the looser in any exchange.

This is from

In this cheering interview, former Ku Klux Klan leader Johnny Lee Clary opens up about his time in the KKK and how the restraint and dignity of the preacher Wade Watts, who Clary regularly racially abused, was instrumental to him leaving the Klan.

Clary discusses one occasion, when a group of 30 or more clans men surrounded him in a restaurant, he told Watts to "think very carefully about what you do to that piece of chicken in front of you, because what ever you do to that chicken, we're going to do to you" upon which Watts picked up the chicken and kissed it causing even the clan members to laugh at his daring. When Clary renounced the KKK, he and Watts became close friends
This just goes to show you that you never really know how a person will react to kindness.  so this week we want to encourage kindness. the next time you are approached wrong, just  stop and take a moment and disarm the idiot.

Go Ahead Hug a Fool This week, they may hug ya back.


FishHawk said...

VERY WELL DONE!!! Around the area where I mostly grew up in Barry County, Missouri, there weren't any official Klansmen--mostly because they was no need for any (in their eyes). For the only "minority" in the entire country I knew of up until well after I had graduated from high school in Cassville, MO was a half-black girl in Exeter, MO. There was a grand dragon of one of the major KKK sects living in Harrison, AR, but that was a fair distance away. Much has changed since. For there are now hundreds of hispanics living in the county because of a great expansion in chicken processing, and some of the more isolated parts in the area have become a haven for white supremacists. No, this is not the way our Heavenly Father would have them go.

JLC said...

Thank you for posting this. I appreciate you. It is my hope that the world will become a better place as we keep chipping away at the walls of racial hatred in hopes that one day it will come crumbling down. Rev. Elder Johnny Lee Clary