Monday, October 25, 2010

Good Luck Willow - You're Star is Bright and Climbing,

Earlier we were bloghopping and visiting spots we like alot. we kept running into this Willow Smith Joint with positive comments. Last place we touched it was over on Inconsequential Logic where Roschelle was bigging up the lil girls talent. It's a nice post and well worth checking out.

We watched Willow Smith rocking the internets waving her hair back and forth the day it came out. Early last week the we found this Sesame Street Remix on our sistergirls site - It Was So Much Easier. We Loves It !!!! so Ladies and Girls - go ahead and Wave Your Hair Back and Forth.
We give this Sesame Street Remix a Big 5 Stars !

Her Talent is Remarkable. No doubt the parents are proud of this lil stick of dynamite. she has a very Rihannaesque sound to her voice. even at this young age, Willow has a professionalism to her performance. that could only come from watching great stars closely, and copying their moves. she's already got her own steelo and her swagger is tight. no-doubt this mini chica will be rich real quick. watch out mylie cyrus she's comin fo ya ass. we bet there won't be no skripper poles in her future on award shows.

All My Ladies (and fellas if you're so inclined ) it don't mattter if it's long or short - Just do it with your hair. Wave Your Hair Back and Forth; Wave Your Hair Back and Forth.

Good Luck Willow - You're Star is Bright and Climbing,


JamericanSpice said...

Who says my hair is long enough to whip? lol.

First time seeing the video. I'm all for color.

RE Ausetkmt said...

anybody can whip their Hair Girl. just whip it !