Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tell the USDA You Want Truth in Labeling

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Hi Ankhesen,

"Where's the beef?!" It was a granny in a 1984 TV commercial that made this cry famous. Now-a-days, there's so much confusion around what's in meat and how it's raised, it would be more appropriate to say "What's in the beef?!"

Tell the USDA you don't want misleading labels on meat »

For example, the federal government is about to approve the term "naturally raised", even though it doesn't mean what you think it might -- that the animal was able to roam freely, graze on pasture, or was physically unaltered. It only means that it didn't get growth promoters, although there's no way to verify even that more limited claim. The existing term "natural" only means that no artificial ingredients were added during processing.

The deadline for comments to the USDA was pushed back -- now is a great time to sign onto this petition »

Tell the USDA the current "natural" and "naturally raised" labels are misleading, fall short of consumer expectations, and will only add to marketplace confusion. They should be withdrawn.

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Instead of these meaningless and misleading terms, the USDA should allow only specific, understandable claims.

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