Friday, February 18, 2011

Please help save Cookie Monster from the evil bastards in Congress

Today we join with our friends at Afropop and ask you to help save the funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting- PBS.
It seems that congress would rather fund wars than news. We think that's just plain wrong. if they cut 2 Billion from the department of defense and gave it to public broadcasting, we'd see a much smarter start to our younger generation.
Childrens programming on PBS has been the staple that begins our educational diet for more than 40 years. we love Sesame Street and all the reading rainbows. we also love the nightly news and public interest programming. that's how we listen to Afropop. we think that if this nation is to be a smart and aware nation - we need to fund Public Broadcasting.

This is the only way we can be involved in the process of making our funding wishes clear to congress. The US Congress wants to consider the Corporation for Public Broadcasting a waste; instead of considering it's contribution to our nations educational and cultural heritage. It's time to sign on the dotted line to let congress know that if voice of america is funded - so too should be PBS.
This is a short clipping from our friends at Afropop on the funding issues.
BULLETIN: In Congress, some members are trying to cut all funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Stations large and small all across the country are funded in part by the CPB, so a radical cut in funding will endanger the viability of public radio.
Please take a minute to send a note to your Congressman or Congresswoman to make sure they do their best to keep one of America's landmark broadcast institutions alive and providing fair, intelligent and world-savvy news information.
For Your good dead today we reward you with this fabulous and festive video of one of the hottest new Congolese rappers to hit the music scene internationally.

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This is what we will loose if we loose PBS and Afropop.  


FishHawk said...

I just sent an email in support of PBS and NPR to my congressman, Rep. Billy Long. Since he is one of the newly elected Teapartiers, I suspect that he will be voting against them, but at least he should now know what I think. If I get any nasty emails back from him or his staff, I'll be sending them your way.

RE Ausetkmt said...

be sure to respond to any nasty emails because they show concern. the blueman crew is sure to try to run anything good into the waste bin. sadly we have a teaparty governor now so i totally know what you mean.