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Entertainment Suss for Friday 08/22/08 - listen on

Entertainment Suss for Friday 08/22/08 - listen on

Entertainment Suss for Friday 08/22/08 - listen on 4 - 5pm

URL: Burning Spear Beats Down Babylon, Takes Back Copyrights - Wired Blogs

Burning Spear Beats Down Babylon, Takes Back Copyrights

However, after experiencing firsthand the brutality of some recording contracts there, Burning Spear and his wife/manager Sonia Rodney learned the importance of hanging onto his copyrights. Now, the couple either owns or has acquired the entire Burning Spear back catalog with the exception of a few songs, for which EMI says it cannot find the contracts, according to a spokeswoman. They plan on getting those back as well.

Beenie Man fights woman backstage

By POD313
URL: Beenie Man fights woman backstage
beenie_charts.jpgIt is reported that after performing at a sold out show in Stratford Rex, London, Beenie Man and a woman, allegedly D'Angel's sister, had a physical altercation.
Witnesses say that at approximately 4am Monday morning, while Beenie Man was backstage preparing to leave the venue, a woman approached him wanting to discuss money owed to her. Beenie Man who was leaving for Germany told her that he would talk to her upon his return to England. As he turned to walk away she grabbed his chain and broke it, at which time his security guards intervened.
However, Beenie Man's publicist, Ray Alexander, could not confirm the incident as he said that Beenie Man had not mentioned anything to him during their 8am phone call. He promised to speak to Beenie Man about the alleged incident in Germany the following day.
Beenie Man is presently on a one month long European tour and is scheduled to perform in Germany on August 19, Holland on August 23, 26 and 27, and Belgium, August 24.

Capleton's absence angers Beenie Man

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URL: Capleton's absence angers Beenie Man
by yardFlex on Yard Passa
beenie_capleton-edit.jpgImmediately after his "Beenie Sizzle" event Beenie Man told reporters that he was upset that Capleton was absent for the show for which he was billed when he, Beenie had performed so well at Capleton's "A St. Mary Mi Come From" event just days before.
Capleton, having just arrived and overheard Beenie's comments explained that his absence was not meant to disrespect Beenie Man, but that his brother had gone missing and a search party had to be organized to locate him.
Beenie Man apologised for his comments, which he said were made in anger.

brother was found stranded along the road. Details of his disappearance are still unknown.

ATHLETES Give Jamaica another PEACEFUL DAY

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With Usain Bolt and Melanie Walker making history at the 2008 Beijing Olympics yesterday, Jamaica enjoyed another great moment, having recorded another murder-free day.

EEK-A-Mouse Gets Bail in Kill Devil Case

Reggae singer Eek-A-Mouse accused of rape in Kill Devil Hills
By Catherine Kozak
The Virginian-Pilot - Source:
Eek-A-Mouse_reggae_jamaica_rape EEK-A-Mouse Gets Bail in Kill Devil CaseThe reggae singer known as Eek-A-Mouse was charged Sunday with rape and kidnapping after a 23-year-old woman reported she was held against her will at an Outer Banks motel, police say.

Terry Linen Injures Foot, Cancels Video Shoot

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Terry Linen Injures Foot, Cancels Video Shoot
20 Aug 2008 | by A.K.A., Contributing Writer

Uplifting Records artiste Terry Linen recently injured his foot while visiting his relatives in rural Jamaica, forcing him to cancel his Better Man video shoot.
"We were all set to go ahead with the shoot but a block fell on Terry's foot while he was in the country and all his toenails got smashed. No bones were broken and he is not expected to miss any of his booked performances," manager Damian Allen, who is also the producer of Missing You, said.

WE Made the Jamaica Observer - WOW, and Thanks !

Posted on August 22, 2008 -
WE Made the Jamaica Observer - WOW, and Thanks !

Recycled Frockery stop dumping all over the world, except in your yard Trafigura

Anyone Remember the name Trafigura ?

Macka Diamond Heads to France for Major Festival - Duhhhhh ??

By POD313
Macka Diamond Heads to France for Major Festival
19 Aug 2008 | by A.K.A., Contributing Writer

(this is not a good look for Macka. Sis, put on your fancy dress - it's more appropriate, than diggin our your batty on stage. as well she should defer all questions to her assistants if she answers like this often. sad - ed)
Macka_Diamond.jpgMacka will be learning how to say L'argente des de Montrez-moi (show me the money) for her first ever trip to France to perform at an international reggae festival that will showcase heavyweight talents such as Beenie Man and Shaggy in September.
"It will be my first ever trip to France and I am looking forward to it as the show will have the top dancehall acts from Jamaica and it is an opportunity for me to show what I can do," she said.
Asked if she knew any French words so that she could communicate with her French fans, she quipped in an affected American twang: "I only talk American."

During a recent visit to her now ex-business manager Patricia Williams, Rihanna was shocked to learn that almost all her money was missing. So where did all that mullah go? According to Williams, it was never there to begin with. Williams claims that Def Jam never really paid Rihanna, so she would use earnings from her concerts (about $30k a show) to fund her lifestyle and finance her other albums.

More Olympic songs hit the airwaves

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter
STARRIGHT_1_PRRO6endencAM More Olympic songs hit JAs airwaves STARRIGHT_1_PT3XJkonsheAM More Olympic songs hit JAs airwaves
Derrick Harriott (left), Konshens

The Olympic fever is in the air. As our Jamaican athletes win more gold medals, more artistes are recording songs to help spread the spirit.
With our athletes winning gold medals and breaking Olympic and world records, artistes have only been given more inspiration to pen lyrics.
Veteran singer Derrick Harriott is no exception. His song Watch That Man Bolt was completed Tuesday night and played on radio stations yesterday.

Jamaica Looses an Asylum Seeker; In Jail ? noo, noo, noooo-ooo

Posted on August 22, 2008 -
URL: African lost in prison
African lost in prison

Being locked away in a prison cell for nearly eight years can be terrifying for anyone. It is even worse for Ikoto Charles, an African national from Congo, who came to Jamaica to seek political asylum but was instead thrown into prison.
Charles, 28, wanted a better life when he left Africa by boat, but he never could imagine the treatment that he would receive. His experience is now almost driving him “insane”.
After arriving from his long trip, Charles was arrested in Portland where he spent three months in jail before being sent to the Horizon Remand Centre in Kingston. He stayed there for five years, awaiting a deportation order. He was later transferred to the Half-Way Tree lock-up.
On Friday, he appeared before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court. He was dressed in a grey merino and blue jeans shorts, with his hair unkempt.
Melrose Reid, the attorney representing Charles, said he had overstayed his time in Jamaica and was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment. Reid added that a deportation order was made in 2005 and up to this day, Charles was still in Jamaica.

JCF seize 'Bungles' vehicles - Attorneys Fidgety

By POD313
As part of their investigations into corruption charges against Superintendent Harry 'Bungles' Daley, the police have seized two of the top cop's vehicles. Assistant Commissioner of Police Justin Felice, head of the anti-corruption branch, yesterday... URL: Police seize 'Bungles' vehicles >

August 18, 2008

Harry Daley's attorneys feeling intimidated

The attorney's for Superintendent Harry "Bungles" Daley, Valerie Neita Robertson and Carolyn Reed have both taken issue with what they describe as strategies to intimidate them.

They have sent reports to the Jamaica Bar Association outlining alleged wiretapping, illegal searches of their homes and person at the Horizon Prison.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police in Charge of Intelligence, Owen Ellington, promised to make a statement concerning the matter, but is yet to do so.

Posted by yardFlex at August 18, 2008 09:42 AM
Police seize 'Bungles' vehicles
published: Friday | August 15, 2008

As part of their investigations into corruption charges against Superintendent Harry 'Bungles' Daley, the police have seized two of the top cop's vehicles.
Assistant Commissioner of Police Justin Felice, head of the anti-corruption branch, yesterday confirmed with The Gleaner that the vehicles had been seized but declined to give further comments.
Felice led the team which arrested Superintendent Daley and charged him with six counts of extortion and six counts of breaching the Corruption Prevention Act.
At the same time, the Police High Command has launched a top-level probe into reports that a house belonging to an attorney representing Supt Daley was searched by a police/military patrol Saturday morning.
Led by Shields
In an official statement Wednesday, the police said the probe was being led by the office of the deputy commissioner in charge of crime, Mark Shields.

'Come to Jamaica' explores Jamaican music
Mel Cooke, Freelance Writer

Richie Stephens sings about Jamaica on 'Come to Jamaica'. - Winston Sill

With a title like 'Come to Jamaica', it is expected that singer Richie Stephens' new VP Records album will have a patriotic tendency. But in addition to exploring Jamaica lyrically, he also takes a trip through Jamaica's rich musical history.
"I think our music is such a big creation. I do not think we are utilising it sufficiently," Stephens told The STAR.
A lot of respect
He has duly addressed that on Come to Jamaica, which he "approached with a lot of respect. This is Jamaican music. This has been around long before I decided to go into music".
So the opening track, Circle Jamaica, is ska, the autobiographical Country Bus is mento, My Girl Dis (a duet with Maxi Priest) is lovers rock and Go Home is dancehall, with a healthy serving of roots reggae naturally on the 15-track set.

Asante Amen Confirmed for Irie Jamboree

Allison Hinds added to Irie Jamboree line-up
Alison1.jpgAllison Hinds will be one of the Caribbean’s dynamite songstresses who will grace the stage at the annual mega-fete, Irie Jamboree. Taking place on Labor Day, Sunday, August 31, 2008 at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, New York, the highly anticipated concert has a line-up of stellar Caribbean talent and adding the reigning Soca Queen will further delight fans.
Representing for the ladies, along with Toronto based reggae diva, Tanya Mullings, Allison Hinds was chosen to 'ice the Irie Jamboree cake' as she has a strong fan base and is purely electrifying as a performer.

 Toby's Got Issues and Paris is Upfront about hers

Posted on August 18, 2008 -
Sidebox2-Toby-Keith-C Toby, Whats Wrong Witcha Boy ? Okay now wait.. yeah just hold the phone for a quick skosh.

URL: Obama “Talks, Acts, And Carries Himself As A Caucasian”

So says country singer Toby Keith in a pro-lynching song “Beer For My Horses.” - In addition to the racist lyrics in the song, Max Blumenthal notes in his Huffington Post article.. (click the title link cause I’m not servin up that much swill in one click)

First Off let me just ask this question ?

hasn’t someone told him that negativity gets more negativity ?

and secondly,

Who The Heck thinks he’s smart enough to compare Obama; to What Caucasion ?

Co’mon Toby - I know You tryin to Claim Our Candidate; but you just back up there buckaroo. we got this one, Oookaaayyyy. talk about needing Jesus.. but then again, he sings songs about giving Beer to Horses..

Uh Huh, where’s Oprah, Jerry and Dr Phil When You Need em..
sombody call Montell. I can feel an intervention time out in rehab comin on for this one.

(See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die)
and I thought I had seen the ultimate whoring, when miss pinky put out her campaign vid. but I must admit I like her energy plan. it’s plain folks thinking and innovation mixed. well didn’t y’all think I’d find somebody for Ole’ Toby.. , and she’s Much Smarter and Hotter; dang, even we know that silly-toby.
just an aside, I wonder if He Knows that He was Named after a Slave In Roots ?

Najee Ali Headed To Prison: Activist/police critic sentenced to four years.

By POD313
URL: Najee Ali Headed To Prison: Activist/police critic sentenced to four years.
Bribery is the case that they gave him.

*EUR readers who weren't too fond of Najee Ali won't have to worry about hearing from him for a while.
The LA based activist was sentenced to four years in state prison on Monday after pleading guilty to trying to bribe a witness in his daughter's criminal case.

Spinners’ Pervis Jackson Dies; DMX Jailed Until His October Court Date

By POD313
URL: Entertainment News: Spinners’ Pervis Jackson Dies; DMX Jailed Until His October Court Date

URL: LisaRaye Speaks Out About Her Marital Troubles
Actress says she’ll remain devoted to Turks and Caicos Islands..

Eight Million African-Americans Still Not Registered to Vote , Why ?

Barack Obama's 'lost' brother found in Kenya
Senator Barack Obama's long lost brother has been tracked down for the first time living in a shanty town in Kenya, reports claimed.
URL: McCain takes lead over Obama: poll

Bullet-proof fashion for S Africa

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URL: Bullet-proof fashion for S Africa
South African model wearing a bullet-proof jacket at the Johannesburg launch [Photo courtsey of Daily Telegraph UK]
Miguel Caballero is called the Armani of armour
A collection of bullet-proof clothing by Colombian designer Miguel Caballero has been launched in South Africa.
South African businessman Ari Ben David has opened a showroom for the fashion label and intends to open a shop.
He told the BBC he was drawn to the collection because of the "serious crime situation in South Africa".
Mr Caballero's clothes can withstand shots from 9mm pistols to AK-47s and clients fearing knives can pay extra for stab-proofing.

Pet FL Lionfish wreaks havoc in Caribbean sea - posse and reward posted

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URL: Lionfish wreaks havoc in Caribbean sea

Deadly Invasion: Lionfish threatens Caribbean fish species
The red lionfish has invaded the Caribbean Sea swallowing native species, stinging divers and generally making itself a nuisance.
An Associated Press report said it is believed that the fish, a tropical native of the Indian and Pacific oceans, probably escaped from a Florida fish tank.
Now it is rapidly multiplying and showing up everywhere, from the coasts of Cuba and Hispaniola to Little Cayman's pristine Bloody Bay Wall, one of the region's prime destinations for divers.
And wherever it appears, the adaptable predator corners fish and crustaceans up to half its size with its billowy fins and sucks them down in one violent gulp.
The AP news agency said research teams observed one lionfish eating 20 small fish in less than 30 minutes.

Nelson Mandela's name hijacked in internet fraud

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URL: Nelson Mandela's name hijacked in internet fraud

The name of Nelson Mandela, the former South African president, has been caught up in an online scam.

‘Not Guilty’ for Jamaican accused of killing transgendered sex partner

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URL: ‘Not Guilty’ for Jamaican accused of killing transgendered sex partner
Acquitted of murdering a 39 year old transgendered woman, Kellie Telesford in her Thornton Heath flat last November, Shanniel Hyatt is adamant about his innocence.
Reporting that he was unaware of the former florist and beautician's
actual gender until being informed by police upon his arrest, the 18 year old Jamaican was accused of killing Telesford in a state of rage.
The prosecution told a jury at the Old Bailey trial, that after spending an intimate night with the transgendered woman, Hyatt killed her in anger once he realized she was indeed a man who had undergone a sex change.

Chat room wrecks principal's love life
A few years ago, deejay Kiprich sang about his love life suffering because of cellular phones. The principal of a popular school is in a similar position - only he has lost his lover because of a chat room.
After investing in his relationship both financially and emotionally, John Doerecently found out his girlfriend will be leaving him for a Danish man she met in a chat room. The couple has been together for 12 years and share a child, but he learnt that since 2005 she has been making plans to move to Denmark.

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