Friday, February 12, 2010

Fitness Friday with Entrecard - Are Their Pants on Fire, Again ?

Today is Fitness Friday and we are giving you something to think about if you are members of Entrecard -

The Fitness of Entrecard to Be On Your Blog.

Wowww, when members get cracked and hacked and report it and the blogs url's; there is no response from Entrecard. NONE What So Ever.

so that we respond in 24 hrs is a bunch of "she said"

yet when a former member starts a virus and then uses his blog to drop on members who will return the drop; not realizing that he did it to test their systems; nothing is done about it.


Oh Wait - The Members are ACCUSED OF BEING THE PROBLEM.. Not The Scriptdropping Clickfarming Cracker who put the script on his page to infect US

More Alike the Owners are The Real Vamps in this scenario. Unfortunately I can see no end in site to this entrecard drama; so the solution is for each of us to act independently to protect our own blogs and reputations.
I for one have been the victim of each of these viruses and Trojans. it has cost me time, money and even a custom built computer. yes I lost a computer in last falls' virus attacks like several others. not just the hard-drive was damaged - the entire motherboard burned up from the repetitive action of the scripts running over and over while my browser was open.
I spend countless hours each week STILL cleaning and sanitizing my computer after surfing entrecard sites. Which doesn't happen when I don't use entrecard. yes I have proven it's coming from entrecard and so have many of you. Remember Sheila's post from last week on the Ad Master ?

So why are We The Victims - Now The Problem ?

It has been a long hard road but I think this may finally be the end of the line for two of our blogs on entrecard. so if you happen to drop by and the entrecard widget is gone and replaced with one which brings visitors instead of drama; please feel free to subscribe. I have subscribed to more than 12 thousand blogs while visiting and reading. my rss feed is hefty and well visited as I devote more than 3 hours a nite to catching up in the world by rss feed.
maybe that's the answer, we should all switch to being independant and looking for excellence instead of numbers. remember it's the numbers that caused all this anyway so why not change now while it's easy and most effective.
I for one am neither a Cracker, Hacker or Wacker and don't believe that the insinuation by Ms. Cindy is indicative of the majority of my visitors. but I do know for a fact that there are some who are using their clicks for cash. those are the type of visitors that probably won't be back. but guess what You Won't Be Missed Either, because you neither comment or participate.
So With That Said, over the weekend - expect changes my friends from this group of blogs.

Entrecard does not run us, We Run These Blogs.

Ghost droppers?

Posted: 11 Feb 2010 10:07 AM PST

Over the last couple of days, we have received emails from users accusing other users of “ghost dropping.” Ghost dropping is a method in which a user can drop cards without actually visiting the site.

This began a few days ago when one of our users, Martin, removed his widget from his blog and continued to receive drops from other members. Martin has stated in his blog that anyone dropping cards on his blog is cheating ( Logically, this makes sense. However, it is possible that some users have not cleared their cache and are still able to access his blog. When this happens, the users will still see an entrecard widget (cached version) on his blog even though it was removed. This could be one of the reasons users are able to drop on his blog.

If anyone was using a “ghost dropper” script, it should no longer work. Our developers were able to fix this problem. We anticipate that other methods will come along and we will address those as they turn up.

With a large network like Entrecard, there will be users who try to cheat the system, but the majority of users are not. We would like to thank Martin for his investigation. It has allowed us to tighten our security measures and make our service more reliable for the entire community.

Plesse continue to send your feedback and concerns to support @t We will answer your questions within 24 hours.

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Cher Duncombe said...

RE, I left Entrecard a while ago, as you know, but the bounce rate is almost nil now and the stats are better. People actually stop by because they have something to say or contribute. My husband has often said that when blogging becomes work, "Quit." Dropping did become work, but rather than quit blogging I dropped out of Entrecard.

Now I use Project Wonderful and I'm very happy with it. Minimal work and many hits generated. I guess it's like CMF, which I haven't tried yet. Believe me, there is blogging life after Entrecard.

Doctor Faustroll said...

Take a whiff, take a whiff, take a whiff on my Entrefart.

Is there anything not his planet that doesn't suck?

And gravity doesn't count.