Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goodbye Bloggers - Please READ This Post to Find US FAST

Take a look at this footage of Guru performing with german hiphop artist Spax. The footage was shot in 1999. It remained unreleased until now. Spax said that he finally felt it was time. This is his way of celebrating the legacy of Guru -

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal

Thank You Spax -

Todays post is special in many ways - mostly because we have decided that this is our last post for this blog. even though there are 90 followers; rarely do any of you visit, comment or interact. therefore it is clear to us that to continue to post here is pointless. 

Yes we have several other very active and enjoyable blogs which you can visit and hopefully continue following us. It's always hard to figure out how to say goodbye - as illustrated by the story of GURU. 

Yes he was a superstar and there was so much confusion when his voice was no longer heard. He had always spoken for himself, about himself. 

 This is why today we are sad to write this piece; yet relieved to be able to do it. 

Please won't you check out our most excellent blogging at one of these spots :

BadGalsRadio - Our Sponsor. This blog hits all the sore spots and even has it's own radio station for those who really want to enjoy listening to music, instead of talk and ads. We play only classic hits and no misses

The Wicked Tarte - a very unique look at the world and todays social and political landscape. We actually hope that you are offended by some of the things we post here. because maybe that will push change in this totally confused society that we presently live in.

Recycled Frockery - This wonderful venue for creativity and greeness is thriving with more than a thousand followers. Seven days a week we continue to quest for green and cool and you can join us anytime. we'd absolutely love it.

Honey Chiles Kitchen - it's all food porn; along with a healthy sprinkling of recipes and down home deliciousness. we cover the taste panjandram and beat it like a drum. If you eat, you need to get in here now. no kiddin this blog is for foodies of all sizes. no taste is overlooked or underplayed. from food trucks to tapas joints - we're there and so are you.

Pod 313 Tech Tips - we pushed the envelope when we decided to go daily - with our view of the tech world. We bring you the newest technology news, gadgets and user tips. This is one of the few African American Woman Written Technology Blogs on the internet - and we want you to know. We work hard to fill that niche with fresh interesting updates daily; and loads of new product and gadget videos.

The Four Twenty Times On Tumblr - this blog is about as green as you can get. we focus on Cannabis Culture and Medical Marijuana. we give you news, headlines, updates on laws and the reform movement; as well as hundreds of pretty pictures of things you'd surely love to have. yes we have Cannabis, Marijuana, Smoke, Weed, Ganja and you know it's the top rankin. so be above the influence and come get your education. our weekly news updates on the Medical Marijuana Movement within the US is recirculated widely; since we give you the stanky dank.

And of course there's our boutique blog series 

 Realistic Journeys Tropical Travels details a travel professionals look at beautiful places in the world that are off the beaten path. we take you to sandy, sunny and sexy.

Nile Dvines Erotica - Hot and Pink. we touch on human emotion below the skin. Need Ideas ? check out our Tantric Book. It will surely put you in the mood for a lil higher loving. (due to sexual content 18+ please)

We sincerely hope that with this many choices one of them will be appealing enough for you to click that link. Sorry to leave but you already know,  It's Been Great and We hope to see you again soon

Nuff Said

Friday, November 4, 2011

HipHop Consciousness in full effect for The ATL

FTP E-mail Logo (small).jpg
Here's just a few places where the FTP Movement will be this month:

DAM E-mail flyer.jpg
Hip Hop for Palestine is unifying Atlanta's hip hop community in support of Palestine's biggest hip hop crew, Da Arabic MCs (DAM) and their message of resistance. 

For over 10 years, DMA's brothers by blood and friendship, Suhell, Tamer and Mahmoud have told their stories of Palestine's plight. DAM's music is a unique fusion of east and west, combining Arabic percussion rhythms, Middle Eastern melodies, and urban hip hop. One of the first groups to rap in Arabic, DAM's song "Min Irhabi" ("Who's the Terrorist") became the anthem for Palestinian resistance both within and beyond their borders.

With resounding support from the hip hop community, Hip Hop for Palestine welcomes Detroit's Invincible, an MC on the forefront of the Palestinian cause & Khaki Mustafa, a socially conscious Palestinian-American hip-hop artist, plus addresses from prominent local activists and appearances by local MCs such as J-Live, Rasheeda Ali, Sa-Roc/Sol Messiah, Ras Kofi, Methuzulah and Khalila Ali.

Find out more about DAM at

Doors at 8 pm, Show at 9 pm
Tickets $15

Tickets available online at
They Reminisce Over You: 

Raw Space Gallery
431 Fair Street, Castleberry Hill District, Atlanta, GA 30313
Atlanta, Georgia

7 PM to 11 PM

Sounds provided by
DJ Mafioso and DJ 4th Wurld

The purpose of this exhibit is to re-ignite the necessary awareness of
the events surrounding the legal murder of Troy Davis. As with Sean Bell, Katheryn Johnston, Oscar Grant and countless other victims of injustice, we forget the responsibilities we have as individuals, as a community and as a nation to continue the fight for true freedom and justice.
This art show is a call to rally visual artists to produce pieces that will make a statement against injustice, challenge responsibility, create awareness, and motivate and inspire action in our communities. 
There was a Troy Davis before Troy Davis, and there will be many more if we don't take a stance.


We are STILL Kathryn Johnston, Sean Bell & Troy Davis -Town Hall Meeting
Kathryn Johnston E-mail Image.jpg
On the eve of the 5 year commemoration of the cold blooded murders of 92-year old Kathryn Johnston who was gunned down in her own home by the Atlanta Police Department, just 4 days before the murder of 22-year old Sean Bell who was slain on the morning of his wedding day by the New York Police Department, FTP Movement will discuss the connection between these executions and the most recent state sponsored execution of Troy Anthony Davis. 

Guests will discuss the cases, failures, progress and practical solutions.

* This will also serve as a follow up to the last Town Hall Meeting Sponsored by The FTP Movement and others...If you missed the "WE ARE [STILL] TROY DAVIS" Grassroots Town Hall Meeting you can listen by clicking the links below:

AUDIO: "WE ARE [STILL] TROY DAVIS" Grassroots Town Hall Meeting

Afrobeat Vibrations with Mausiki Scales & The Common Ground Collective... 
along with a Funk, Soul, and Afrikan music mix with DJ 4th Wurldon Friday, November 18th.  
It's an Afro-Funkee affair.  
Full menu and bar service available.  $10 cover.  
Apache Cafe is located at 64 3rd Street, Atlanta, GA 30308-1035.  

The 2011 International Black Man Film Festival
Celebrates its 10th Year with Simultaneous Screenings in Atlanta, GA and Accra, Ghana!

Hosted by Tenisio "DJ 4th Wurld" Seanima

IBMFF E-mail Logo.jpg

Shrine of the Black Madonna
946 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW
Atlanta GA 30310

10am to 6pm Atlanta time
$10 advance, $12 door
$5 admission 10am-1030am

BusyInternet Conference Room
42 Ring Road 
Accra, Ghana

3pm to 9pm Accra time